• Arizona Law would let parents see kids' text messages
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[QUOTE=Ganerumo;35728056]So basically you have to pay for your own freedom, okay [editline]27th April 2012[/editline] Also I doubt parents willing to use this stupid law will actually ask their kid to agree with it. They'll just assume they agree or force them to consent.[/QUOTE] What the fu- How do you pay for your freedom? The parents pay the bills, they can do whatever they want.
And the passengers get away scot free.
I'm pretty sure you can do this already. i know you can call the company up and ask for a transcript and I've heard that it can even be mailed monthly with your phone bill
[QUOTE=TheJoker;35728004]Parent's still do this?[/QUOTE] Uh, yes, it's called punishment and it's generally used to treat children in situations when they've done something wrong while acknowledging that it's not right.
[QUOTE=Ericson666;35728705]What the fu- How do you pay for your freedom? The parents pay the bills, they can do whatever they want.[/QUOTE] His point was that if the kids wanted to be free with their calls and texts they have to pay the bills themselves so they aren't being watched over by their parents.
[QUOTE=leontodd;35724269]But then the kids would just not use text messaging to convey private messages and this whole thing would be a waste of money...[/QUOTE] Hey some of us are just that dumb OK :colbert:
A parent should have the authority to see their kid's phone anyways just because they're the parent and paying for the contract. You have to a pretty pitiful parent to need a law for this.
Introducing the new app, EncryptAllTheFuckingShit. It encrypts all your fucking shit (that means daddy can't see your text messages).
I am entirely ok with this, they shouldn't even need the child's consent even. I mean until you turn 18 here in the states you aren't considered an adult so I don't see the issue.
That's fine, they are paying for it. If the minor was paying for their service and the parent still had the right to see the text messages that would be a problem then.
Why can't they just take the phone and look at it?
I thought they were already allowed to do this, unless the child is paying for their own cell phone bill which is unlikely.
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