• Tsunami on way to NZ after Samoa quake
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The US National Park Service said there had been some deaths but did not have an official figure. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii updated its warning to say a tsunami was generated. Reports from Samoa say two villages were hit this morning while CNN has said a three-metre tsunami had been generated. A spokeswoman for Samoa Police told Stuff a short time ago that villages on the country’s southern coast had been hit by a tsunami. "We cannot say much more, we’re extremely busy, but, yes, we have been hit," she said. Polynesia Radio in Apia told Stuff that they were receiving reports from Siumu and Lotofaga that a tsunami had come ashore. Both are on the south side of Upolu island, exposed to the area where the earthquake hit this morning. The Center says the tsunami "may have been destruction along coasts near the earthquake epicentre and could also be a threat to more distant coasts." The quake struck at 6.48am midway between the two island groups. In Apia, families reported shaking that lasted for up to three minutes. The US Geological Service said the quake struck 35 kilometres below the ocean floor, 190 kilometres from American Samoa and 200 kilometres from Samoa. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued a general alert for the South Pacific region, from American Samoa to New Zealand. It said there were indications a tsunami wave could be "destructive" along some coastlines. [url]http://www.stuff.co.nz/world/south-pacific/2916140/Tsunami-hits-Samoa-after-quake-reports[/url] (dont know how to do the blue box thing)
I'm swept away by this news.
What is NZ? Oh New Zealand? Edit: Okay, bad reading.
I think the Sheep should get to high ground.
[QUOTE=radioactive;17571393]I think the Sheep should get to high ground.[/QUOTE] tie the sheep together and make a raft :c00l:
Uh oh mate
I just left New Zealand. Nice timing.
three metres doesn't seem that high
Last I checked Hawaii was only under a watch.
Everyone should hide. Hopefully it will think no one is home, and go hit somewhere less important.
[QUOTE=Latias;17571495]three metres doesn't seem that high[/QUOTE] I'm sure you can run away from 9 feet of water coming at you
It's a wooly situation hahahaha i made a funny about new zealanders :D
I saw this on the news, they had a live feed of a dock in Honolulu. Nothing happened.
My grandpa's in Hawaii right now. :saddowns:
It's supposed to hit the Oregon/Cali coast too, only about 5-7 inch waves though. Weather was shit here today, wonder if had any effect on that.
Bye New Zeland. Great knowing you.
3 metre tsunami... That's just like a regular wave at any windy beach.
Just surf it bra [img]http://12.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_komnrxjiWF1qzklyho1_400.gif[/img]
Shit man, that could nail Auckland pretty badly. Good thing I'm down here in the Waikato.
Weather has been completely bipolar recently, but other than that not much has been happening.
But what about the Marmite!?
It was pathetic. I went to the beach to watch and it looked like any other wave.
Shit no! If it hit the south shore it probably hit Virgin Cove. I know people there. The beaches on the south shore were freaking postcard quality too. [media]http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a166/ballsandy/Samoa/P1010951.jpg[/media] EDIT: Fuck. Virgin Cove did get hit.
Auckland is safe. 3 metres isn't high to sink NZ.
[QUOTE=Jewsus;17578189]Just surf it bra [img]http://12.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_komnrxjiWF1qzklyho1_400.gif[/img][/QUOTE] Tito is Hawaiian, not Maori.
Me and my family drove down to Maketu because apparently the tsunami was gonna hit there but we saw nothing.
Ah, poor New Zealanders.
Looks like Samoa got hit hard. Damn. Poor people. I just finished reading a Jack London story that takes place on the Samoas.
Nature has gone berserk lately. There is a Typhoon happening in Philippines and Vietnam and now this undersea earthquake. What is going on with our planet!?
Oh no, the ads make it look like such a nice place.
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