• Grave Digger Map Coming to Combat Arms
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I hate pay to play games. It's too bad that Combat Arms has to be one of them, 'cause it's a decent shooter otherwise.
Combat arms is a horrible game.
[quote=eliteguy;18068781]combat arms is a horrible game.[/quote] agree
This shit's worse than Warrock.
1) It's weird as fuck with my mouse, the Y axis is extremely sensitive and the X axis is horrifically slow, and I have no clue why. 2) Hit detection is extremely unresponsive. 3) It's not as free as it should be, because of 1 and 2.
was fun in the beginning, Most everyone who played it at the time sucked massive balls and was promptly mowed down by the hundreds by Me and a handful of skilled fps players. and then one day they realized this and they all bought the super unbalanced Pay-real-money weapons. and now the game sucks.
Map looks pretty. Game looks shit.
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