• CODBLOPS First Strike’s Last Strike
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£11.50? Good lord.
Hoping for a better MW3 :madmax:
I don't think Call of Duty is ever going to recover from how low its stooped to, and therefore I have no hope for the next games in the series, as they are likely going to be laggy, uninteresting reskins of the previous games, just like the last few were, even though they told us that wasn't what they were in the end. These maps are probably just reskinned CoD1 or 2 maps, to be honest. [editline]22nd March 2011[/editline] On topic, however, the map pack in the YouTube video looks incredibly bland, gimmicky and to be honest - more of the same shit that Call of Duty: Black Ops was.
what a joke
Stay classy activision. [editline]22nd March 2011[/editline] Oh whoops nevermind, Activision has no class.
The likes on that video outnumber the dislikes sevrely. :|
"B'aww my mommy won't buy me this map pack!" Get over it, no one forced you to buy it either.
[QUOTE=MAspiderface;28744128]"B'aww my mommy won't buy me this map pack!" Get over it, no one forced you to buy it either.[/QUOTE] Who are you talking to
[QUOTE=JLea;28744302]Who are you talking to[/QUOTE] I'm wondering as well. Maybe he's mentally retarded.
[QUOTE=Oblivion470;28744637]I'm wondering as well. Maybe he's mentally retarded.[/QUOTE] that's not nice people with a disability making assumptions online is a common thing
Just sit and watch how a few days/weeks/months after the map pack's release Activision are gonna be like "map pack r sell bestmost on PC bcuz it ossum :downs:"
I thought Treyach said they would never charge for their map packs? have they assumed we simply forgot about that?
Funny thing is these are maps that were going to come out originally with the game and were [url=http://www.ripten.com/2010/12/19/black-ops-first-strike-map-pack-screenshots-mauler/]mysteriously cancelled[/url].
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