• President Obama posts on Reddit?
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[quote=PresidentObama]By the way, if you want to know what I think about this whole reddit experience - NOT BAD![/quote] I laughed out loud. Now I'm going to hell for my sins against the internets.
4 pages. That's what it takes to trasform: [B]THE PRESIDENT POSTS ON THE INTERNET[/B] into [B]FUCK GAY REDDIT ITS TOTALLY WORSE THAN US[/B]
[QUOTE=BCell;37463367]I wonder what happens if he uses 9Gag instead[/QUOTE] Romney 2012
[QUOTE=Madman_Andre;37465004]Considering the fact that Reddit was downed temporarily by The President's AMA is a pretty impressive feat.[/QUOTE] Not really. The Reddit backend is designed for relatively constant usage, and prioritizes reads over writes. It still does not scale well to large spikes in comment posting. Numerous other AMAs have taken down Reddit before. Although it is an impressive feat by the developers that the site can still be run in read-only mode when this happens, instead of being taken offline entirely.
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