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[Quote] [Img] http://s01.fileha.us/fh4f91cfc3abb91.jpg[/img] [img] http://s01.fileha.us/fh4f91cd170afb2.png[/img][/quote] The handbook: [URL]http://cdn.flamehaus.com/Valve_Handbook_LowRes.pdf[/URL] Seems like an awesome company, which is not surprising to say the least.
Google Docs " I don't wanna download a PDF" edition: [URL]https://docs.google.com/viewer?url=http://cdn.flamehaus.com/Valve_Handbook_LowRes.pdf&pli=1[/URL] i like how valve barely has any employee structure whatsoever
Valve is one of the places I would gladly work for.
Now we need Apple's handbook.
I wish I could work for Valve.
[QUOTE=Naaz;35661526]Now we need Apple's handbook.[/QUOTE] [URL="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nineteen_Eighty-Four"]Here you go![/URL]
Pretty steep requirements, just from looking at their jobs page.
Working for Valve sounds like a privilege for me. Not because it's about videogames either. It's because you come together with smart and passionate people to create something excellent that will make other people happy.
"Empty Shelf on Fifth Floor—Place we’re planning on putting all those awards for Ricochet once the gaming world finally catches up with it." Love it
Haha: [thumb]http://i.imgur.com/9lhHh.jpg[/thumb]
HL3 confirmed.
"Method to move your desk" Company vacations... woah valve is too cool oh god
[url=http://facepunch.com/threads/1178901]Bit late there Starpluck[/url]
Cool: [quote] [b]Why does your desk have wheels?[/b] Think of those wheels as a symbolic reminder that you should always be considering where you could move yourself to be more valuable. But also think of those wheels as literal wheels, because that’s what they are, and you’ll be able to actually move your desk with them. You’ll notice people moving frequently; often whole teams will move their desks to be closer to each other. There is no organizational structure keeping you from being in close proximity to the people who you’d help or be helped by most. [b]The fact that everyone is always moving around within the company makes people hard to find. That’s why we have [url]http://user—check[/url] it out. We know where you are based on where your machine is plugged in, so use this site to see a map of where everyone is right now.[/b] [/quote]
Just when I thought I couldn't love Valve any more, this comes along.
Wow even between themselves they are awesome, this thing is great, and also [QUOTE]Nobody has ever been fired at Valve for making a mistake. It wouldn’t make sense for us to operate that way. Providing the freedom to fail is an important trait of the company— we couldn’t expect so much of individuals if we also penalized people for errors. Even expensive mistakes, or ones which result in a very public failure, are genuinely looked at as opportunities to learn. We can always repair the mistake or make up for it.[/QUOTE] D'aww. They really make their employees feel welcomed.
Thought this was going to be some blatantly fake book of notes from some employee with HL3 plot details etc
Holy shit it's hilarious, and really nice. I [B]NEED[/B] TO WORK AT VALVE!
[QUOTE=bord2tears;35661655]Cool:[/QUOTE] ok the user-check thing is pretty fucking cool.
[QUOTE]Company Vacation—Every year, the company gathers all the employees and our families, flies us somewhere tropical, and gives us a free weeklong vacation. Popular pastimes include beard contests, snorkeling, ice cream socials, jet skiing, or just sitting on the beach chatting with the locals about how many googly-eyed seashells you should buy from them. (Your feeling: none. Their counteroffer: Just buy five then.)[/QUOTE] [h2]I NEED TO WORK AT VALVE[/h2]
"Ponies-The animals most beloved by those away from their computers, and most despised by people who prefer to hear jokes just once" Woah, Gabe knows of LMAO Pics?
it seems all well and good but not many people can handle the methodology they have in terms of working
[QUOTE=Mr.T;35661512]Valve is one of the places I would gladly work for.[/QUOTE] I'd clean the bathrooms at Valve if it means I can work for Gabe. He seems like the best boss ever.
Dang valve you sure are polite Makes me wanna be a concept artist again knowing that a developer can be this nice
[QUOTE=mr apple;35661629][url=http://facepunch.com/threads/1178901]Bit late there Starpluck[/url][/QUOTE] I guess a certain someone needs to learn about the search function!
The thing that's so lovely about valve is that, despite their lovely, friendly, nigh-on-huggable approach to their employees and their fanbase, all of this stuff actually [i]works[/i] At the end of the day, their loose and friendly atmosphere frequently outperforms rigid and totalitarian companies like Activision and EA in terms of the quality of games they produce (and, I expect, financially too)
[quote][B]Why do I need to pick my own projects?[/B] We’ve heard that other companies have people allocate a percentage of their time to self-directed projects. At Valve, that percentage is 100. Since Valve is flat, people don’t join projects because they’re told to. Instead, you’ll decide what to work on after asking yourself the right questions (more on that later). Employees vote on projects with their feet (or desk wheels). Strong projects are ones in which people can see demonstrated value; they staff up easily. This means there are any number of internal recruiting efforts constantly under way.[/quote] My life goal is to work at Valve.
if only other companies took example of valve's sucsess and how the operate.
[quote]Ponies—The animals most beloved by those away from their computers, and most despised by people who prefer to hear jokes just once.[/quote] [b]edit[/b] fucking ninja'd
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