• Badass 9 year old takes the wheel after mom goes unconscious
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[QUOTE=Legolas;18039556] What? Seriously? I thought this was just made up for Batman Arkham Asylum :raise:[/QUOTE] :what: Just, :what:
That 9 year old is pretty smart. Too bad the mother died. :(
Very good kid. I feel bad for him though; at least he did what he could, which was more than expected of him.
*reads* "Aw what a nice young la-* *finish reading* "Oh."
That kid is amazing. It's such a shame his mother died. He deserves better and she deserves better.
That's sad, 9 years old and he looses his mom.
I was kind of disappointed when I read the article to, since the title didn't really mention the death. So I was like "What a fucking badass that was great FP material, maybe I should read the end oh whats this-" and I felt the anguish of a thousand sorrowful blades plunge into my rock hard abdominals..
[QUOTE=AwesomeDino;18038106]Don't worry, you're on the Internet. The only hated people here are furries, kids, emos, camwhores and trolls.[/QUOTE] wait...why do we hate cam whores? I LIKE tits. I can see ugly camwhores being hated, but what about the hot ones! WHAT ABOUT THE HOT ONES! ------------- Also this kid probably saved not only his life, but the lives of the others on the road since it would of caused an accident. Who knows.
I can spot a memegenerator of that kid a mile awhile.
Funny bomb successfully deployed.
I can be unfunny and still get one. I hope I don't.
Big deal, I had to take the wheel once when my mum started blowing my dad.
Close, but no cigar.
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