• Google Chrome now the most popular browser in the world
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I like the new Internet Explorer, in my eyes it's better than Firefox at the moment. However Chrome is just leagues ahead. Love it.
I loved firefox and all my plugins and such, but fact of the matter is after a while, update after update, firefox went from being the most versatile browser that was decent speed+stability but could do everything, to a really bloated browser that could do anything. Stability and performance was so poor for me, and it would eventually just start flat-out not working with my network connection, even with all my addons disabled. So I switched to chrome, which is much more stable and faster. Shame I lose about half my addons, but eh. It works better for browsing and isn't really unstable.
Can anyone explain to me why chrome always must have 20 processes open?
I use firefox, but I'd like to use chrome, except it's slow as shit on my computer, which is a shame because I use it on my school computers and it's fine
I know it's related to tabs but I never have moer than like 10 tabs open at one time.
[QUOTE=SuperDuperScoot;36041720]I switched from FireFox because it felt like it was getting slow for me. Plus FireFox isn't as good as it used to be, due to them rushing updates to catch up with Chrome in version numbers. True story.[/QUOTE] The reason I switched from Firefox to Chrome is because I didn't realize how much memory it was using until someone pointed out the [B]HUGE[/B] memory leaks it has.
[QUOTE=G-Strogg;36042249]Can anyone explain to me why chrome always must have 20 processes open?[/QUOTE] Base chrome is several processes, each tab is a process, and each plugin is at least one process.
I use chrome as a backup browser, IE and Opera as main. Chrome is pretty intensive compared to IE and Opera in my machine at least.
I didn't know Opera was so little used. I must be some kind of hipster then.
[QUOTE=inconspicious;36042142]Its.... odd, its not especially bad at anything its just odd to use.[/QUOTE]What IE? Sure it is bad at a lot of stuff. It reads html, css and all other web stuff unlike anything else.
i remember using chrome in its beta when it had a 7% market share
Good, Chrome is a very solid browser and perfect for most users. By the way, does this account for Chrome installations, downloads, or usage? I personally use Nightly due to the extreme customizing potential (I have eliminated almost every single wasted pixel for maximum screen usage) but keep Chrome as a backup browser as some things have stopped working on Nightly. Battlelog and magnet links for instance.
[QUOTE=DanTehMan;36041944]I thoroughly enjoy using Opera :([/QUOTE] Eh, it could be better. But it still has quite a lot of features I can't understand isn't standard in other browsers. And a few that [B]REALLY[/B] needs to go (lol built in torrent client, just get uTorrent already) I just wish the framework/API for extensions were a [B]LITTLE BIT[/B] more flexible. That and that they would also strongly encourage proper coding ethics for said extensions.
I'm an Opera Hipster myself. All the other browsers are too mainstream.
That was fast seeing as the project started 3-4 years ago.
[QUOTE=AceOfDivine;36041877]What does being 4G or 2G have to do with speed of a browser? xG is a network type, it has nothing to do with phone itself? Plus lol phone.[/QUOTE] G stands for generation, so it can be used for anything.
Why isnt sparkbrowser on that list?
[QUOTE=Reader;36042461]G stands for generation, so it can be used for anything.[/QUOTE] But aren't there phones of varying specs in the same generation?
I still prefer Firefox, but Chrome is okay. Congrats to them on outdoing IE. It's about damn time something took its spot.
No love for Opera. :(
[QUOTE=cardfan212;36042522]No love for Opera. :([/QUOTE] It ain't no good.
It's okay Opera, I still love you. <3
I still find it funny by public surveys, a lot of people didn't even know they were using a browser.
What I find interesting is the share almost comes from IE's usage. Firefox and the rest are staying fairly constant.
Went to Chrome after Firefox suddenly decided to start freezing up every 10 seconds, even after a Windows reinstallation. Never looked back.
Chrome crashes constantly for me now, going back to Firefox.
I love chrome, the only problem I have with it is embedded videos bug out on me or don't load at all.
Rise up and rejoice, fellow Chrome users! Today is ours! OT: I have been using chrome for years now, I still rank it as my favorite browser hands down.
Using FF simply for the fact it isn't Google. I think I use too many Google services as it is. Last thing I need is for them to know everything about my browsing habits and actions. (If they aren't already with tracking cookies) Perhaps the only reason I would think to switch is that Firefox consumes an unearthly amount of memory
I use FF my self, Chrome is equally as good, but I just feel more comfortable in Firefox.
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