• New Gates Divide U.S.-Canada Border Towns
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[QUOTE=Wii60;17670364]uhh why do we have to put gates on the north us border. i never heard of illegal immigrants from canada before[/QUOTE] I think it's for drugs.
[QUOTE=hypno-toad;17670437]I think it's for drugs.[/QUOTE] But everyone loves Canada's drugs
Is America really that bad if people illegally immigrate to Canada?
What about that Mexican border? I thought that was the main issue. :confused:
[QUOTE=News] Many who are caught smuggling aliens across the border using the streets have been found to be in possession of maps — [B]downloaded from the Internet[/B] — showing the layout, officials say. [/QUOTE] :sigh:
[QUOTE=Squeaken;17670465]Is America really that bad if people illegally immigrate to Canada?[/QUOTE] I think the problem is drug trafficking and fugitives.
What the fuck, Americans are still making an issue over the Canadian weed. It only makes up 2 percent of the US weed.
Scorpious, do you just sit at your computer all day browsing news sites? Have the news threads are made by you.
canadians don't border hop canada isn't a shithole like mexico
U.S-Canada border, keeping the teethless hockey-players and rather large Bible-smashers apart. Seriously, what? Why do you even need a border there? Draw an imaginary line there and say this is where U.S. ends and this is where Canada starts.
That's pretty shitty.
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