• Bin Laden message warns France to pull out of Afghanistan
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So he's just sending messages anytime he wants
[QUOTE=Gmod_Fan77;27578324]All Americans should also note France was the only reason why you won the War for Independence, thanks to their intervention.[/QUOTE] i learned that in history class
[QUOTE=Atchell;27577392]pretty sure people take bin laden about as seriously as they do a kid with a b-b gun now[/QUOTE] oh no cover our windows :downs:
Wasn't Osama a CIA sock puppet?
[QUOTE=goon165;27577016]Seriously all joking aside, don't fuck with France. They will fuck your shit sideways.[/QUOTE] Anybody can fuck with France if they wish. Sarkozy is distracted by catching his 10,000 illegal music downloaders a day. As you can imagine, this is very serious, which is why it merits investing an assload of money into that bullshit instead of easing tension between France and Afghanistan.
[QUOTE=certified;27588740]Just realized how crazy that post sounds, but it gets like that when you have a Facebook friend in Iran who logs in to FB to say he is going to a protest, and then hasnt posted anything new or logged on in 2 years. Ahmadinejad, and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei must die. Kill their nuke scientists. Kill their politicians. Kill all who stand in the way of the people Kill all who speak for the fascists. Remove kebab from premises.[/QUOTE]
Does he even have to warn them?
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