• This Spray Will Get You Instantaneously Drunk—But Just For a Few Seconds
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Get pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving, act drunk, pass field sobriety test perfectly, baffle cop.
[QUOTE=Hunt3r.j2;35800667]I'm betting it's just a low dose of extremely fast-acting alcohol, presumably by getting into the brain through the mouth instead of the stomach.[/QUOTE] Good job reading the product description.
[QUOTE=Greenen72;35802286]I'm kind of willing to overlook the "quantum" in the name since it's probably a marketing gimmick, but I wonder how well it's been tested by people who would get drunk from water if you poured it from a vodka label[/QUOTE] They could be using a semi-accurate meaning of quantum, "Small Sensations" goes along well with the 0.075ml of alcohol.
Where can I buy one now?
[QUOTE=Del91;35803105]Good job reading the product description.[/QUOTE] It's like snorting cocaine, what do you want me to say?
I don't want to be cliche but I can't resist SCIENCE
Just guessing the mechanism: Given that it is such a small ammount, the brain absorbs the alcohol (making you drunk), then dilutes in the bloodstream. (short amount of time) As, opposed to having large amounts of alcohol absorbed into your stomach lining over long periods of time. It's all to do with metabolism and absorption into the bloodstream over time.
David Edwards sounds like the Willie Wanka for adults
[QUOTE=Rents;35800755]If you want to get drunk without drinking just go into a sauna and pour booze with a high alcohol content onto the coals, the room'll be full of vapourised alcohol and you can make bad "vodka on the rocks" jokes.[/QUOTE] We did that once with our cousins. At first, we didn't feel anything. But when we tried to get up and leave, our legs refused to work. :v:
Killing brain cells 10 times faster than your regular old drinking booze!
Can I order these online yet? I have a friend who has never been drunk but she wants to try, I think this would be great to just show her what it's like.
I want to fuck you soooooo bad... Wait... ...no. EDIT: There's only one possible outcome for this: a rash of the speediest date rapes in recorded history.
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