• Wikileaks' Julian Assange fears he may face US death penalty
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[QUOTE=bravehat;27451548]Just because it's in the past doesn't mean it's okay, and wikileaks isn't supposed to fix anything, they want to show the world things that are going on in the hopes it gets stopped.[/QUOTE] You make a good point, but I don't see how releasing top secret information to the world could fix accidents like civilian deaths and other things? The US Military is a Military, and no-one can sue it for killing innocents, for example. If anything they were trying to help, because people holding cameras could be mistaken, from a helicopter, for people with RPG's. Exterminating them would help eradicate insurgency, or whatever the faction was. Sometimes killing camera men and other civilians can't be helped, and certainly not with top secret info being released on the web.
No one is trying to sue them for killing civilians, and yeah that shit happens and that's poor. The chopper video is about the fact that they attacked an ambulance, that's illegal in warfare. And I've watched the entire video, I agree the pilots were totally justified in taking the shot, they saw a group of men with objects that could be mistaken for weapons especially with their shifty as fuck peeking round corners, but that still doesn't mean it should be swept under the rug, all that shows to me is fucking cowardice of the highest order in the government.
I don't care much if he dies.
[QUOTE=bravehat;27451481]There's a major difference between Europe not caring about America being angry, and Europe actively pissing of america with an embargo.[/QUOTE] Executing a citizen of an allied state because of his political views doesn't piss anybody off right? :downs:
[QUOTE=Olanov;27451837]I don't care much if he dies.[/QUOTE] And many people wouldn't care if you died.
[QUOTE=bravehat;27450644]Out of curiosity why does Europe decide "Oh no america is getting all angry we should calm them down"[/QUOTE] To keep up good relations.
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