• How to Get a Ghostly Gibus Hat
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Got mine.
I hate sports practice.
I didn't get one. I think atleast.
I don not gon use fancy wods no mor!
Pyro and Heavy, don't fail me now!
I got one.
Good luck to anybody who tries to dominate me. You're going to need it.
Come and get me zips
I was tooo busy playing TF2. Thanks a lot Valve.
I don't think my TF2 has even been updated yet...
damn it. Was playing APB due to testing times!
I got one.
"War foot" He has a prosthetic leg?
I got one already i am awesome you all suck.
So why was metaphors misspelled? Is it a sign? Or is Valve fucking with us because they know we'll all think it's a sign...
That's how the soldier spells.
When's it coming out?
I'll just go to some surf server and spawn camp everyone with sentries. A hat in no time :smug:
You have to get it on Harvest.
[QUOTE=EpikEnvy2.0;18087462]You have to get it on Harvest.[/QUOTE] [img]http://i604.photobucket.com/albums/tt122/McStabYou/SoldierFace.jpg[/img] Oh... Wait, FUCK!
When does the actual update go live?
[QUOTE=Edthefirst;18088405]When does the actual update go live?[/QUOTE] [quote=Zips]Expect the update to go live very soon![/quote] [url=http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Valve_Time]Please refer to Valve Time.[/url]
Update is live. [editline]01:29AM[/editline] Silly me I thought it was already out. [editline]01:29AM[/editline] But it wasn't [editline]01:29AM[/editline] Now it is.
Fuck my live. Second special I missed. [editline]08:39PM[/editline] Haha oh wow. I can't even get on TF2 because Steam is too busy handling servers! :rolleyes:
It said I got my hat so I check my backpack when the update comes out and I don't have my hat. :geno:
go go go
Can I still get it after today?
[QUOTE=AwpersAreBad;18089130]Can I still get it after today?[/QUOTE]I sure do god hope so!
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