• Tot reunites with Black Hawk hero
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Montannah Creasy gets a hug from her Black Hawk rescuer Tony Young Source: [url]http://www.news.com.au/breaking-news/floodrelief/montannah-creasy-gets-a-hug-from-her-black-hawk-rescuer-tony-young/story-fn7ik2te-1225987528125[/url] [img]http://resources0.news.com.au/images/2011/01/13/1225987/437952-montannah.jpg[/img] KNIGHT IN CAMOUFLAGE: Warrant Officer Tony Young carries baby Montannah Creasy to safety. Picture: Jack Tran [release]HE did it because it is all he knows to do, and yesterday the mother of little Montannah Creasy, saved in the floods, had the chance to say thank you. Warrant Officer Tony Young yesterday was reunited with the little girl he helped save earlier this week, and while WO2 Young was pleased to see the family happy and alive, little Montannah was just plain overwhelmed. The crew of Black Hawk 220 landed at Gatton Event Centre where Roslyn Perry was waiting with her little girl. "Thank you so much," were the first words from Roslyn's mouth. "No worries," WO2 Young said. Hundreds were left stranded on Monday when the order to evacuate Forest Hill was given and WO2 Young saw Roslyn struggling across a field with the 13-month-old Montannah. "She was having a panic attack," Roslyn said. WO2 Young saw fear in the little girl's face and thought of home. "It actually reminded me of my kid," he said. "I have a son the same age." The hard rain, the intensity of the moment, and a white knight dressed in camouflage all came together for an image that went around the world and has defined this disaster. All are well and Montannah was suitably underwhelmed by yesterday's reunion. "She's oblivious to it all," Roslyn said. "She's got bit of a cold now from being so wet, but she's happy." When WO2 Young's wife picked up the paper the next morning she had no doubt it was her husband. "I can see the father in you coming out," she said.[/release] [img]http://resources3.news.com.au/images/2011/01/14/1225987/600643-montannah-creasy.jpg[/img]
I shed a manly tear.
It's the worst that brings out the best in some people.
What disaster is this from?
The Queensland Floods More info: [url]http://www.news.com.au/breaking-news/floodrelief/flood-info-centre-updates-reports-warnings-advice-and-how-you-can-help/story-fn7ik2te-1225985436806[/url]
He looks so badass in the first picture. I'm happy for the family and the pilot. Helicopter pilots are always so badass.
Only Warrant Officer 2? Noob has yet to climb the mountain I see. :v: You can shoot me now.
Good to hear one good thing come out of these damn floods.
[QUOTE=Dejarie;27428423]Good to hear one good thing come out of these damn floods.[/QUOTE] There's been many stories of bravery and heroics, as well as something considered very "Australian": Going out of your way to help someone you know bloody nothing about. Them Queenslanders make me proud to be an Australian, if the situation called for it I would respond the same.
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