• Pennsylvania Special Election - Polls close 8PM EST - Live Results
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[QUOTE]Voters in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District will pick a replacement on Tuesday for former Representative Tim Murphy, a Republican who resigned last year after reports he encouraged a woman, with whom he had an affair, to have an abortion. The special election pits Rick Saccone, a Republican lawmaker allied with President Trump, against Conor Lamb, a former prosecutor running as a moderate Democrat.[/QUOTE] [url]https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2018/03/13/us/elections/results-pennsylvania-house-special-election.html[/url] Results in link.
Almost no votes have been cast, but I'm still praying for this percentage difference to last. [img]https://i.imgur.com/4atafwB.png[/img]
I'm sure all the headline writers have "lamb to the slaughter" puns ready and waiting, for either of them winning.
5% in Conor Lamb leads by 22 percentage points over Rick Saccone with 5 percent of precincts fully reporting.
It's very early in the count, but pretty much all of the evidence so far would suggest that the Dems have flipped the seat [media]https://twitter.com/Redistrict/status/973721617598746624[/media]
I've dealt with far too much disappointment recently so I don't want to get ahead of myself. This will be interesting either way.
19% reporting in and Lamb currently holds a whopping 16.3% lead
Looking good so far.
[QUOTE=joshuadim;53199720]19% reporting in and Lamb currently holds a whopping 16.3% lead[/QUOTE] Don’t get excited yet. Wait
[QUOTE=joshuadim;53199720]19% reporting in and Lamb currently holds a whopping 16.3% lead[/QUOTE] Looks like the blue precincts are being counted first, if the NYT estimates are anything to go by. [img]http://puu.sh/zH6wS.png[/img] Still too early to call of course.
The cities are always better at reporting their votes; a strong surge of blue followed by a steady influx of (ultimately winning) rural red is common.
I'm gonna have to agree with a number of other folks in the thread: I ain't sayin' shit until I see those polls [I]close[/I] with our guy in the lead.
The graph just swung to tossup in favor of Lamb What happened? edit: [t]https://i.imgur.com/b38hQeN.png[/t]
[QUOTE=joshuadim;53199739]The graph just swung to tossup in favor of Lamb What happened?[/QUOTE] Looks like a massive amount of votes just came in.
Lamb is slipping a little. Imma turn off the feed and just check when I’m back from work in an hour
The needle is dead now because Westmoreland suddenly decided that it didn't want to report results by precinct tonight.
I can't believe I'm having anxiety over a house election in another state. Life has gotten weird.
It's really close.
49.9 to 49.5. That’s razor thin [editline]13th March 2018[/editline] *so far this is not final
Hey guys don’t worry too much if Lamb loses. The winner will only serve out the rest of the term until the end of the year and then the district gets redrawn to be less gerrymandered. Win or lose, this is a big win for Democrats. This district was won by +20 in Trumps favor during the election, with it being neck and neck, even with a Republican win this will make them sweat bullets. This means that even Trump voters are fed up with Republicans and the results will bode well for a blue 2018 mid term. Democrats win this race either way. Anyways, if you live in PA like myself, make sure you’re paying attention to the deadlines coming up in April/May and make sure to vote Republicans out of office come November.
I was looking at the wikipedia close election results [URL="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_close_election_results"]page[/URL] to try to see how Pennsylvania breaks ties, and I saw this: In 2016, [QUOTE]Democrat Perry Warren defeated Republican Ryan Gallagher for District 31 of the PA House of Representatives by 28 votes.[/QUOTE] Hope they don't do a coin toss if there is a tie.
The last 3% is going to take 200 years to come in at this rate. edit: just as I posted this, the washington votes are coming in, Lamb is up 0.3% at 98% counted.
.2% lead for lamb
I saw somewhere that westmoreland is reporting their precincts just not to the AP
Lamb's lead just increased a bit, from I think 520 ish votes to 700 edit: on nytimes
Earlier, NYT was showing Lamb's lead as being ~580 votes, they've got it back up to 700 now, at least on my end. It'd be a vast understatement to call this a close race. [editline]March 13th, 2018[/editline] :ninja:
NYT reports 98% votes are in and counted and Lamb leads by 0.4%
They're coming in so slow I can post that Lamb's lead has increased by 55.
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