• E. Coli Bacteria into Hard Drives
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[QUOTE=Zenpod;27356331]Does this mean I could make a Skin Hard drive? Brb Dick Thumb Dirve[/QUOTE] You havent been doing that already?
Fuck yeah science.
Does this mean that a Yottabyte could actually be possible in commercial-available sizes? :science: I'm decently sure that a Yottabyte would provide pretty much all the storage you'll need for your entire goddamn LIFE.
[QUOTE=Alcapwne;27354571]now they need to learn to implant data into human brain cells[/QUOTE] Play some Team Fortress 2 in my mind during school. Future here I come :pcgaming:
what about formatting and transferring data from one HDD to another?
Holy shit, we're in 2011. The future is [i]right now.[/i] :buddy:
Brb, trademarking [I]e[/I]-Coli.
When will this be available to the consumer.
[QUOTE=doonbugie2;27358871]When will this be available to the consumer.[/QUOTE] never
[QUOTE=Mingebox;27358594]Brb, trademarking [I]e[/I]-Coli.[/QUOTE] iColi hard drive by apple
[QUOTE=cccritical;27358904]never[/QUOTE] Fuck.
This makes it so much easier to remove incriminating evidence, no more dban/thermite hard drive destroyers, just a few drops of alcohol and all those "linux distros" and "cat pictures" will be gone
Imagine this. You have an E Coli "E Drive" (My own name for it, fuck you). You're casually browsing some fine pron, when BAM! A virus strikes. E Coli just goes "Woah, woah, fuck you I was here first." and literally infects the virus itself. It's virus vs virus. I sort of have a hyper-active imagination.
10 years later, everyone still using HDDs and SSDs.
Now when you wipe your hard drive... [img]http://www.virginmedia.com/images/dettol_wipes430x300.jpg[/img] You literally wipe your hard drive clean
Killing the bacteria might not be enough to destroy the data.
1 pound of that would equal 398 Petabytes...
[QUOTE=Arsonist;27359803]Now when you wipe your hard drive... [img_thumb]http://www.virginmedia.com/images/dettol_wipes430x300.jpg[/img_thumb] You literally wipe your hard drive clean[/QUOTE] :golfclap:
[QUOTE=Alcapwne;27354571]now they need to learn to implant data into human brain cells[/QUOTE] Human brain cells don't under go mitosis, they don't regenerate and for a lot of people are in low supply.
what they REALLY need to figure out is how to do this with sperm.
lol thumb drive
[QUOTE=KorJax;27355383]What if... WE have billions and billions of TB of alien data secretly imprinted into us, and we are meerly biodrives for a much larger sentient alien race, with the Earth being like one giant bittorent client? :psyduck:[/QUOTE] We could all be one giant system to download the highly advanced equivalent of linux distros? Good heavens!
Does that mean.... I could be warez?
Holographics are probably still going to be more practical. And less perishable.
i could see some asshole with lysol running around spraying computers
Every day it seems more and more like Deus Ex is going to happen in real life.
lets do the same thing with the rest of my computer and have it made of meat.
Can the same thing be implemented with RAM?
How many nucleotides does E. Coli RNA contain? Would data have to be stored using a quaternary based system? [editline]12th January 2011[/editline] What is the read method? Is it already computerised and automated? What file system is used? So many questions!
a drive of this would be amazing
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