• Rep. Steve King campaign ties Parkland student Emma Gonzalez to communist Cuba
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That flag, representing González’s Cuban heritage, became the subject of attacks from some conservatives online over the weekend. And on Sunday afternoon, one of those critical messages appeared on the Facebook page for the campaign of a U.S. congressman — Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa). “This is how you look when you claim Cuban heritage yet don’t speak Spanish and ignore the fact that your ancestors fled the island when the dictatorship turned Cuba into a prison camp, after removing all weapons from its citizens; hence their right to self defense,” said the post, which also included a photo of González at the podium Saturday. The man has quite a history here, it seems.
Olympic level mental gymnastics going on here
Guide to being an ignorant asshole politician: attack the opposition directly and not their actual positions. She could be proud of being Cuban and still have a distaste for the communist regime. I'm a proud American and I'm not happy with the state of our governmnet.
The communists didn't even change the Cuban flag, he has as much ground to claim she supports Batista
That's that's how you know these kids will win in the end. Keep attacking their identity and they'll just grow in number and vote the shit out of the politicians.
What the fuck is with politicians shitting on Parkland shooting survivors lately. Like holy fuck, they're kids.
Because they are fucking retarded and have no clue to function as a human being. Why they still hold a public position is a goddamn mystery.
'cus all the members of the public who also shit on the survivors vote for them, the politicians are representative of a lot of people - they're unfortunately symptomatic of a problem, not necessarily a problem themselves, so to say.
Because those fueling their re-election campaigns and political interests want them to shit on them because they might make it harder to sell guns in general. The NRA, for instance, is just fine with attacking them, calling them puppets of the liberal media, and stating that they don't know what they're talking about and are irrelevant.
If you're throwing ad hominem attacks at school shooting survivors, you're losing the argument pretty badly
Steve King is one of the biggest shitheads in the us government.
Republican talking heads always say shit like this then try to turn the reaction they get into "liberals are meanies for saying we're assholes!" You think I'd be numb to it by now but it always makes me mad.
what is with these grown ass people singling out this girl in particular
hell, scarface fucking hated castro and he's the exact kind of strawman that politicians say should be kept out of this country
She's the only kid in the movement's leadership that can be singled out in a racist dog whistle for not being white. I wish I was kidding.
she's also bi, which I imagine helps with the ammo
also she shaved her head so we've already had people label her as a skinhead.
Also worth pointing out that Emma Gonzalez is also currently in the midst of a smear campaign, with people claiming she tore the constitution for a photo shoot when it was actually a paper target, which was doctored later and reposted on twitter.
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