• Malaysia outlaws 'fake news'; sets jail of up to six years
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https://www.reuters.com/article/us-malaysia-election-fakenews/malaysia-outlaws-fake-news-sets-jail-of-up-to-six-years-idUSKCN1H90Y9 Due note that this can and probably will be used to target government critics. It also applies to foreigners: The law defines fake news as “news, information, data and reports which is or are wholly or partly false” and includes features, visuals and audio recordings. It covers digital publications and social media and will apply to offenders who maliciously spread “fake news” inside and outside Malaysia, including foreigners, if Malaysia or a Malaysian citizen were affected.
Yeah, I have zero doubts this will be used to silence people not toeing the government line.
If their definition of " fake news" is the same as it is over here then that just means any news that the ruling party doesn't agree with. I just love the smell of Facism in the morning.
it seems the eternal problem of outlawing fake news is always 'this is a good idea but fuck if I trust the government to enforce it'
solution should be to enforce that you display a sort of politifact meter on either your article or front of paper, this at least means that it isn't A) completely censored and B) remains independent of ruling party as long as there are folks keeping an eye on relationship between the government and independent body.
i'm sure we'll see a trump tweet mentioning how much of a good idea this is
The only thing that needs be done is to bring bake the Fairness Doctrine in the US to 'outlaw Fake News'. You can still spread it and the government won't stop you or penalize you for doing so -- but you will be required to bring in people to argue against it your own fake news on your own network and those people will have to be credible experts on the news you're calling fake.
I think this as an idea could work if it were given to independent panels or universities to vet what is true and what is not, and if only for flagrantly bullshit things built entirely on a false premise. With exceptions given to satire news sites of course.
theres no way any organization like that could function and be unbiased an organization like this would need funding and whoever funds it controls them essentially
Or maybe we can educate people about checking the source of the information, corroborating reports, looking up poll methodologies? Nah, that wouldn't enable the government to control the media.
It's obvious that Libel laws need more serious teeth. The media SHOULD be held accountable for lying about politicians, if it can be proved in a court of law. As for banning "fake news", that's rather harder to prove, but not impossible. It definitely depends on how it's done because it's dangerous territory, but something does need to be done about it because misinformation is very serious business in this decade, and it will be doubled down on in the next.
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