• Trump says Russia, China playing 'currency devaluation game'
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im sure russia intended to devalue the ruble :thinking: im also sure that imposing tariffs has a much more significant effect on the cost-to-consumer than mandated currency devaluation.
Well maybe china could be doing it because they're actually a competent government that applies rigid economic theory to its economy but your guess is as good as mine cheddar head.
It's already well known that China is doing this, but Russia? Well, they have been the target of many sanctions over the last few year, it's obvious why their currency is rubble.
Yeah, China's government is amazing. We should operate more like them.
To be fair China's government works incredibly well, it's just horrifying. It's like a slickly-engineered baby-crushing machine. Sure it's a marvel of technological achievement, but the thing still squashes babies.
I'd say WE are playing the Russian currency devaluation game, what with the crippling sanctions...
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