• Michael Cohen seeks to withhold identity of mystery client 🤔
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Come to think of it, does Hannity have any previous connects to pornography stars or Playboy models?
Hmm lawyers speaking in court to a judge or a man on twitter, who do I believe
Holy shit, so Cohen helped Donald with his affair, helped his second client, Elliott Broidy, with alegal dispute between him and a playboy model...what does Hannity have to hide?
¿Porque no los dos? Before ICE comes to check my ethnicity, just want to say that they’re both disgusting, ratfink liars, but I’m siding with Cohen on this one. Also, if Hannity is actually working with Trump through Cohen and they all, theoretically, worked with Russian to get Trump in power, how deep in shit is Fox?
Realistically they could cut Hannity loose and leave him for the feds.
This is not even remotely surprising, but it's still just so wonderfully perfect that I never actually dared to dream of it. Sean Hannity is one of the most vile little weasels in the country. I will pump my fist and cheer if that scummy little propagandist actually turns out to have been involved in sketchy enough shit for him to face charges.
I wouldn't put it past cohen to lie under oath is the thing.
Do you really think someone would do that? Just go on the internet and tell lies?
I have occasionally had brief discussions with him about legal questions about which I wanted his input and perspective Isn't that literally exactly what a lawyer does for their client?
I hope so. Getting Trump's chief propagandist off air would be great
"We're sorry, but Sean Hannity can't appear tonight because he's currently in prison due to the fake investigation that hasn't produced any results and is a complete waste of taxpayer money."
I'm beginning to think that Trump's presidency really will be remembered for draining the swamp.
Yeah but, why name Sean Hannity of all people? He could've name dropped literally anyone if he was going to lie, why pick someone who is that heavily involved with Trump? Maybe he's finally starting to realize that the light he saw at the end of the tunnel was a train with Mueller painted all over the side of it speeding straight for him.
it's Hannity, because literally who else lmao if the ouroboros of stupidity that is the trump administration tries to swallow itself any harder, we'd have to shut down LIGO due to noise interference
Oh there will be. We're not 50 years from total nuclear armageddon. Checks Calendar. We're 59 years out.
Last I checked, we aren't still listening to music from 1950 as our primary form of entrainment, so I'm cautiously optimistic.
https://twitter.com/KT_So_It_Goes/status/986010806516150272 https://twitter.com/KT_So_It_Goes/status/986011438631223298 https://twitter.com/KT_So_It_Goes/status/986011602561495040 https://twitter.com/KT_So_It_Goes/status/986014769697181696 https://twitter.com/KT_So_It_Goes/status/986017676698046465
In a nutshell, Hannity's hiding something. It may be related to Trump, and it may not, but either way it's clear that Hannity knows his job and career are on the line. Fox'll drop him like a sack of shit to escape culpability if he gets caught doing anything less than legal.
This thread is pretty great https://twitter.com/HeatherWhaley/status/985959920318255109
Isn't this basically the format of InfoWars?
If pop music ever swings back to the Ink Spots and Billie Holliday it's time to invest in a shelter...
https://www.pcgamer.com/overwatch-leagues-dallas-fuel-fires-underperforming-coach-and-player/ Oh mercy, I had no idea xQc's replacement also went on suspension.
Er... wrong thread?
tbf, at least the government isn't as broken as Overwatch's balancing...
How deep does this fucking rabbit hole go?
Holy shit this new Better Call Saul - House of Cards Crossover is insane! I'm just binge watching now from episode 1 where Comey was fired.
Journalists Are Dead
Are conservatives sentient? Let alone sapient.
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