• Donald Trump Jr. couldn't remember if he discussed russia with his father
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Selective dementia runs strong in their family.
selective dementia runs strong with anyone involved in this case...
God I can't wait until all these fuckers are locked up
Well see here I just plain ol don't recall
What was asked: "Did you talk to your father about this meeting? Did you call a blocked private number after the meeting? Is your father's phoneline a blocked number?" What was answered: "(A) I didn't. (B) I don't recall. (C) I think so." What is likely true: He called Hope Hicks who was waiting for them to call regarding what happened in the meeting and whether there was anything they wanted that was put 'on the table'. Hope Hicks answered Trump's phone, being his secretary, and the two talked 'through' Hope Hicks about the meeting. When they both felt they weren't sure whether the offer was sincere, they agreed to get together on the plane and get their 'story straight' on the meeting.
Reminds me of when Nigel Farage met with Julian Assange and then forgot why https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/nigel-farage-julian-assange_us_58c1a73ae4b0d1078ca50e2e
Reminder that Farage met Trump at Trump Tower after election, before inauguration. Reminder that Russia has been accused, with evidence, of interfering in Brexit, Farage's political-career goal which he achieved and immediately announced his retirement when his term as MEP ends.
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