• Michael Cohen 'secretly paid $400,000 by Ukraine to arrange talks with Trump'
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Is this shit not heavily illegal? I've heard Cohen's being sued by everyone right now, but I haven't heard he's been charged hey.
BBC with the smackdown from out of nowhere
Shortly after the Ukrainian president returned home, his country's anti-corruption agency stopped its investigation into Trump's former campaign manager, Paul Manafort. Is Cohen even mortal? Being so corrupt that government agencies agree not to investigate your corruption as part of a bribe is legendary.
$400000 lmfao
So if Trump knew about all of this then he's fucked. If he didn't know about all of this then he's an aloof puppet that no one should trust. Impeachment or not he's not going to last long.
I always find it kind of distressing how low these bribe numbers are. If I went broke and liquidated every last thing I own I feel like I could stand a reasonable chance to influence international politics and I don't even make 40k/yr.
That's just how little integrity is worth to these fiends.
If America collapses because of this whole corruption shitpile, the final insult will be how cheaply you were all sold. Even slaves were expensive commodities, but I guess when Putin buys in bulk he gets huge discounts.
Wealth inequality, poor infrastructure, persistant political corruption, we been sold cheaply decades ago, that won't be a final insult.
We either elect a series of actual competent, moral individuals as leaders and take a long time to rebuild or we collapse as a world power. I’ll take either at this point if it means progressing the human condition.
The thing I'm worried about the latter is that if that happens either China and Russia will take over, and neither of those countries are any more favorable what with China being a mass surveillance state and Russia just flat out being more corrupted.
Well for one thing we could stop voting for these fucks
or maybe there should not be one nation world leader at all but rather a stalemate between few factions.
I fear if people can't stop the extensive corruption and internal problems for any number of reasons, then it will lead us to events that equally effect us into motivation to overcome these obstacles. Like a catastrophe.
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