• Confirmed: MH17 was shot down by a missile belonging to Russia's 53rd brigade
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A shame no lessons will ever be learnt about giving militias/rebels proper military hardware without the training or accountability.
Russia currently googling photoshop tutorials at an unprecedented rate
A picture of poroshenko with a shoulder mounted Igla AA rocket aiming at a plain in the sky with a circle zoomed in onto the plane in the sky with MH17 written on it in times new roman
Russia turned these people https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/249570/90a64d7f-42d3-49ab-b054-2186856278fa/image.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/249570/dcbfab97-2acf-47cb-87f0-05c1330fa2c4/image.png https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/249570/9d5c0e51-c7c3-46a9-ab22-34e1a041a3b3/image.png and 285 others into, well, this. I never thought I'd put this one a post, but massive trigger warning for upsetting imagery and gore. I can't believe how quickly this was forgotten. I give it another month max before this falls off the news cycle forever.
Who knew a country which has illegally annexed land from neighbouring countries twice in the past decade would be capable of such a brazen crime.
So wait, what happens now? If it's a confirmation that Russia just murdered 200+ people from a dozen different countries
Hopefully sanctions from the EU, if they acrually mean it.
Sanction them into poverty tbh
The investigation now moves into its final phase, where it will identify and indict the specific individuals responsible. Russia will never hand them over of course, but hopefully they will never be able to visit a non-Russian ally for fear of arrest.
what happens if sanctions don't work
Too bad we're just about gonna freeze without their gas
What do you think should be done?
You can't sanction a state that keeps your people alive and warm during the winter. Until the EU fully gets off Russian gas, sanctions will be a slight inconvenience, not an actual motivation to change.
They generally counter sanction which oddly tends to hit them harder than the sanctions itself.
TBH sometimes Russia expects the West to just take it and not do anything. We can't let that happen, they're directly responsible for killing ~200 civilians, and need to feel the repercussion. Russia isn't some genius strategic country, often they're very dismissive of the West, and usually over-estimate what they can get away with (look at the recent nerve agent attack).
It's a confirmation that whoever shot it down used equipment supplied by Russia, thats what we can prove in court so far. The investigators are currently looking into two very important things: Who operated the launcher? Under whose command was the launcher, who gave the order to fire? Establishing to what extent were Russians were directly/indirectly involved in the operation instead of local separatists will be a pivotal moment in the investigation, although that will be an ardous process no doubt. Were there international sanctions against the Soviet Union when Korean Air Flight 007 was shot down? No. Were there international sanctions against the United States when Iran Air Flight 655 was shot down? No. Were there international sanctions against the Ukraine when Siberia Airlines Flight 1812 was shot down? No. Yeah, very likely...
I can see posibility of either nord stream gas pipeline gettin shun, or FIFA cup boycott, both are quite fitting for the timing, but probably nothng but package of already discussed sanctions going to happen.
if i said "continuing sanctions" would that be appeasing? if sanctions worked in the long term, i'd be ecstatic, it would prove this strange era of peace has a potential to work. i don't know if they will. sanctions are meant to be a punitive corrective tool, something to get them from stopping shit we see as bad. if sanctions do not result in corrected behavior, what's the point of the sanctions?
Why is it odd? They rely on export products that aren't food and agriculture.
I missed the second time? Unless you mean the Georgian shelling of 2008.
there is absolutely no way that any extremely controversial action russia has taken recently has not had any calculation of the consequences, with no weighting of the potential benefits against the potential reactions from everyone else. it doesn't take a strategic genius to see that your geopolitical rivals giving you a slap on the wrist for INVADING ANOTHER COUNTRY means that you can probably get away with quite a lot of other shit and never experience any worse. maybe this time around it will do something, i genuinely hope that if more sanctions are put in place it shows the Russian government the error of their ways, but I don't think it is the most likely.
For a second I mixed this up with MH370, the one that went missing a few years ago and thought they finally figured out where it went. How many flights have Malaysian lost, it seems like a lot?
the sanctions are clearly causing trouble if Russia feels the need to subvert every government that pushes for them. my understanding is they're breaking the Western world up because the EU is constantly searching for alternatives to their gas monopoly, so if the monopoly ends and the sanctions are still ongoing then they're in big trouble.
Don't be silly! It's written in Airial.
They don't over-estimate what they can get away with, because we do let them get away with almost everything they do. The problem is that every time something more hard than sanctions is suggesting some retard stands up and claims it's another step towards nuclear war as if the Russians are suicidal and on a hair trigger.
So if we can't sanction em because unfortunately people rely on the gas what can we do? Not saying this as a zinger
Actions like this should be treated like the terrorism we were fighting for the last decade, and it's actually valid here. Send in our troops to help the Ukrainians retake the East those stupid DNR/LNR cock suckers said years ago would be independent republics by now. The LNR and DNR have nothing to stand on other then they rule their areas through force and not actual legitimacy. They STILL haven't held elections there despite promising to do so, for 4 fucking years now.
Look what happened to them though
It makes me more than a little bit upset that they're almost certainly going to completely get away with this.
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