• North Korea Still Open to Summit Even After Trump Scraps Talks
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What the fuck timeline is this where Kim Jong Un is more mature and level-headed than the US President?
Best Korea - Best Timeline.
they're playing Trump like a fiddle
Ehh, not really. ikkah is on the right track for what Trump's line of thinking with this is. Remember that he is approaching everything like an incompetent, "idiot's idea of a genius" businessman. Trump is doing the like cliche thing of walking away from the table and leaving a deal like you're too good for it and don't need it, trying to push the idea that North Korea is more desperate and wants this deal more than the U.S. (whether they do or not). Therefore for the U.S. to be involved and come back to the table, North Korea has to sweeten the deal for the U.S. and give them either more in the deal than is being covered or else give something to the U.S. without any deal as just a gift. I 100% guarantee that is Trump's plan.
So north korea will just keep going back and forth to being open to discussions and withdrawing when something might change?
That might work in business (even though it's a really scummy move) but it's unacceptable in politics.
from North Korea's perspective it definitely pays to be seen as the mature one, even if it's at the cost of America continuing to look like the world's duncecap
I think you meam "especially".
Not really either on this. Its not like North Korea looks any more mature especially since most people expected them to go back on all of this to begin with, especially after they were already canceling and pulling back from the meeting with South Korea. Like no major figure or body is actually seeing North Korea as being mature, nor do they care. It still remains, "Shithole despot dictatorship nobody really wants to deal with." To the rest of the world.
I love what this conflict has turned into. "WE'RE GONNA NUKE YA!" "NO WE NUKE U!" "OK we talk now" "I'M NOT GONNA TALK TO YOU I SWEAR TO GOD" "I DIDN'T WANNA TALK TO YOU ANYWAY!" "I think I'm ready to talk..." "Yeah OK let's talk" It's like a married fucking couple.
Gotta sell those commemorative coins somehow
All your nukes are belong to US.
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