• Ireland to vote on removing blasphemy as an offence
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Ireland to vote on removing blasphemy as an offence | World news.. Referendum will probably be held on the same day as the presidential election (Late 2018) Ireland will hold a referendum in October to remove the offence of blasphemy from its constitution, Charlie Flanagan, the justice and equality minister, has said. Government ministers see last month’s abortion referendum as a milestone on a path to change for a country that was one of Europe’s most socially conservative a few decades ago, and are keen to push forward with other constitutional reforms. “By removing this provision from our constitution, we can send a strong message to the world that laws against blasphemy do not reflect Irish values and that we do not believe such laws should exist.” 
I'm suprised it lasted so long, wasn't Stephen Fry "Under investigation" by like, one dude in the Garda because someone reported his program because of this
It's normal evolution of the normal country. We live in XXI century, time to change some rules.
Jesus dick I'm surprised something like that was still in the law, even if nobody ever enforced it.
Aren't the Irish getting tired of all the votes on everything all the time? I mean this is combined with a presidential election so there's really not much to it, they'd be heading to the ballots anyway, but we sure do hear a lot of Irish votes.
A lot of places recently reintroduced blasphemy laws unfortunately.
gotta make it easier to reunify with the north
It's pretty normal to have a referendum every few years over here. There were referendums in 2001, 2002, 2004, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015 and most recently 2018.
Lucky bastards. If we have any more than two a decade, no one shows up for them any more due to being sick of being asked shit no one really cares about. Then again, yours do seem more generally relevant than us being asked whether or not we want to be part of EU's patent court.
The country is completely different to what it was 20 years ago. I'm glad we're removing age old laws that did nothing but stifle progress for so long.
you'd be suprised with what century folks seem to think we ought to be living in as of late
The Irish constitution requires a referendum to make any changes to it, and we have no problem changing large parts of it to match modern sensibilities. There's also a proposal to remove the section of the constitution which refers to "the woman's place in the home". Which doesn't actually enforce anything, but there's a weird amount of "The country of Ireland recognises X Social/Moral Belief of Y Person" in the constitution.
Should be a word for old stuff like this in legal codes, all the unenforcable sodomy laws in the US etc.
Glad to see some devs are still supporting their constitutions so long after release. Sometimes you just get one or two free updates and then nothing for decades
Yep, we got a whole bunch of Day 1 updates but haven't even got twice that many fixes since.
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