• Maine legislature's attempt to repeal ranked-choice voting is blocked by voters
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http://www.governing.com/topics/politics/gov-maine-ranked-choice-voting-primary.html Yesterday was their first time actually using RCV, too. It will now be used in all future federal elections except for President. It was supposed to be used for state-level elections too, but the Supreme Court ruled that the Maine constitution would have to be amended before that could happen.
Scumbags, of course they wanted to repeal it. It would require them to actually work for their vote.
Ranked choice voting would go a long way towards empowering voters, and solve some of the ugliest problems within our current democratic system. So, you know: of course career politicians are afraid of it.
Hopefully little by little this becomes more widespread and we can finally give proper power to the voters.
weird that the voting system that provides more power to the people would come to prevent the state government from taking said power from the people for literally no good reason.
Three times the people reaffirmed they want new voting system, regardless that they trying "justified" to keep it current one. But still once again, This is sign Americans are very slowly waking up.
can someone run me down on what ranked-choice is?
Voters rank candidates based on preference (e.g. out of 5 candidates, #1 is highest preference, #5 is lowest preference) Votes are counted, and if no candidate has a majority of the votes, then the candidate with the lowest total votes gets eliminated, and those votes now get transferred to the voters next preference. Rinse and repeat until someone has a majority of votes.
Actually ranked voting will make it easier for career politicians to keep in office. The reason why Australia has ranked voting is because 100 years ago, the government of the day lost what was to be an easy albeit crucial by-election, when a minor party candidate stepped in and spoilt the vote. So the government then legislated that all future House elections would take place via ranked voting. And here we are with a two-party system today.
Ranked choice voting isn't a perfect be-all-end-all system, and is still susceptible to things like gerrymandering, and still trends towards a two party system. That said, it's still an improvement, since it eliminates the spoiler effect, and forces parties to be less complacent and work harder to get their votes. And just because it's not perfect doesn't mean it isn't an improvement, or isn't a change that should be made.
Well under an Australian version of both Ranked Choice and Electoral College as 'Two-party-preferred vote'. Yep, This will help to make Spoiler effect not too much irreverent yet for major of people.
It does allow people to vote for minor parties and independents without fear of wasting their vote however so it's still beneficial.
http://mainepublic.org/post/ranked-choice-voting-update-election-results-could-be-tuesday#stream/0 The voting results made by new voting system by from people fighting for will come tomorrow.
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