• Cohen likely to cooperate as his attorneys leave case, sources say
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When you're so guilty that no lawyer wants to represent you.
Well, yeah, he's guilty as sin, but his lawyers leaving the case is more likely just a signal that he's taking a plea deal. We saw the same thing with Gates, Papadapolous, and Flynn.
This is also a significant development with regard to the Manafort case. If Cohen flips and Trump faces impeachment earlier than expected, Manafort's chances of a pardon are now in jeopardy.
This is significant... Cohen was one of the most senior coffeeboys on the Trump campaign, and was playing a very small role from day one
Also, part of the process of taking a plea deal is a proffer of information. Basically, the feds aren't going to give him a plea deal until after he's already given them a certain degree of criminally actionable information and evidence on their primary target or targets, and that information has been investigated and verified. If Cohen's lawyers have already been dismissed, he's already proferred this information and a plea deal is essentially already secured. Basically: Cohen has already offered evidence and testimony that can secure convictions on Mueller's primary targets, and it's entirely possible that there are already additional sealed indictments on file as a result of that. If this is going public now, we can expect some dramatic movements from Mueller's team in the next couple of weeks -- possibly even sooner. Here's hoping that America can celebrate Trump's birthday tomorrow with a new round of raids and indictments.
Well, Mueller can't say he's not a big spender on people's birthdays now. That's one present for the President; I can only hope he's wrapping up an even larger present for July 4th - for America.
Cohen had done so much for the Trump machine, and they pretty much left him in the cold when things went south... pretty much a recipe for getting him to "turn"
Big domino, comin’ through!
If your Justice Boner last more than 4 hours, you might be suffering from a condition know as patriotism.   This is a potentially serious complication from taking care of civil society and could result in permanent damage to the GOP.  Consult your nearest voting booth as frequently as possible for the remainder of your life to ensure it continues beyond the next election cycle. Taking care of civil society is not for everyone and could have potentially serious side effects such as equal opportunity, accessible healthcare, and progressive taxation.  If you feel uncomfortable around people with dark skin, women, people of Jewish heritage, or homosexuals, stop taking care of civil society and put on a red hat as soon as possible.
Oh, this is gonna be good. https://twitter.com/HoarseWisperer/status/1006925705513496576 https://twitter.com/HoarseWisperer/status/1006927040552095744
Another fun wrinkle in all this: Michael Cohen is still, as of this moment, the Deputy Finance Chair of the Republican National Committee. The man handles the GOP's campaign money. Still. Furthermore, the previous chairman stepped down after he was caught in a scandal involving a $1.6 million payment to a Playboy model he impregnated -- to pay for an abortion. So, the financial leadership of the RNC is corrupt. Those corrupt players are STILL in control of the RNC's election finances. The GOP also continues to obstruct and discredit this investigation at all costs, So.. Why? I'm halfway expecting that, before this is all said and done, we'll learn that the GOP's political leadership is involved in major financial crimes as well, and that their efforts to derail and discredit this investigation will be revealed as more than just political posturing, but full on criminal obstruction of justice to prevent the investigation from uncovering crimes running through the RNC and GOP as organizations.
"My personal lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen was nothing more than an office coffee-boy. Nothing will come of this! Witch Hunt!!"
I can't wait for the movie adaption
It's going to be at least a three-part movie at this rate.
I think they'll have trouble finding someone to play Trump. Rules on infant actors are too strict to allow them to play a leading role.
They'll just have to go for the next accessible thing: Peter Dinklage
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