• Mueller Files Request for an addition 150 blank subpoenas in Manafort case
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This WITCH HUNT of an investigation is COSTING the US TOO MUCH PAPER for NO good reason! Paper doesn't grow on trees! END IT IMMEDIATELY! /s
Mueller is ruining people's lives by prosecuting them for crimes that they committed! Is there no end to this man's depravity?
And I thought LIEbruls cared about the environment SAD
Yet in the same ammount of time Trump spent ~4 times more money on golfing trips, but of course that was one of the greatest uses of taxpayer money, the best even. Nobody wastes taxpayer money as good as he does.
Talk about fat stacks, damn.
They see me suin', they hatin'.
I'm pretty sure that they could cancel like one F-35 order and pay for ten investigations.
But how can we own "the libs" without F-35's!?
Just calmly OWN them on talk shows
I love how many charges Mueller is wringing out of this sweaty sock of an administration yet I still hear "Crooked Hillary" legitimately used in arguments. Hope this is finally the tipping point, I've eaten my weight in popcorn seven times over already.
150? Holy shit how can you even need that many How deep does this anus go
All the way to the States.
*All the way to Russia fixed
He's already opened the floodgates of garbage, even if he's convicted of treason, impeached, and put in jail, there's going to be people campaigning (and winning) on the coattails of Trump, I mean it's already happening, just in my state there's people namedropping trump on their lawn sign ads for state elections. (Max Linn, who after looking up, was actually booted from the ballot due to fraudulent signatures to get on the ballot...how fitting)
There's someone running for Senator in Oklahoma using "Drain the swamp" 🤢
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