• Kim invites Trump to visit Pyongyang as North hails "radical switchover"
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Trump and Kim hangin out in NK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8dPQzwGcZI
This has been the plan all along. Act friendly. Invite Trump to Pyongyang. Kidnap him for ransom in which the US would just say "keep him"
https://twitter.com/seanhannity/status/1006693046833045504 https://twitter.com/HoarseWisperer/status/1006762902458720256 Legitimizing a brutal dictator and Iran's pursuit of nukes in one handshake.
Looks like Sean found something in common with NK too.
"A lot of other people have done some really bad things." Yeah and he likes all those people too
Time for Fox News to start championing North Korea???
In 10 - 20 years time I look forward to reading about this era in my kid's high school history books What will future people think of this, I can only imagine
This echoes last year’s statement of “well there’s bad people on both sides” regarding the Charlottesville murder. Both are senseless, idiotic statements used to excuse horrible people who’ve done horrible things. I’d call him a clown, but he’s not making anyone laugh.
Imagine his trip being a great cover to scout out locations for his next condo or something
"How much do we have to pay for you to not return him?"
What's the rest of the context to this? He was still going with that sentence and it cuts off.
If you're going to criticize him on this one you should be consistent and do the same to obama for meeting with other really bad guy leaders and also be critical of the united states for taking part in a lot of what's being mentioned here.
Did Obama excuse the human rights abuses made by the Cuban government? I don't think he did...
I was thinking more about the normal usa-saudi relationship but trump is pretty enthusiastic about this stuff rather than treating it as like a necessary evil so that's a point.
Kneeling football players? Sons of bitches who maybe shouldn't be in the country. Bloody dictators? Throw a slumber party for them. Somebody get me into a timeline that's less stupid!
I imagine it would go something more like this: NK: "We've kidnapped your leader. Pay us the GDP of Moldova, or we'll send him back to lead your country once more!" US: "Fuck, here's the GDP and land mass of Florida, as well as a few bits of New Jersey. Just... what ever you do, don't send him back." NK: "If you also send me some of that delicious American Cookie Dough Ice Cream, we'll call this a deal." I know you're all joking about the kidnapping stuff, but Jong-Un has actually proven himself to be a pretty smart and level-headed (by NK standards) leader. It comes to something when the US president is more volatile than the NK and Saudi leaders. At least the garbage they spout tends to be at least somewhat consistent. I swear, if Trump was like a computer, he'd be one that had no hard drive and only RAM, so each time you turned him on, he'd just gather random information from the environment and spout word association until the interview ends.
The Double Standard Policy is finally bitting US's ass If anything it's for the better - some eye opening experience might help US citizens to take more definitive position when criticizing goverment, or it will plunge national ambitions into abyss for years to come.
Trumps enthusiasm aside here, it's best not to start calling this stuff out and pointing fingers to condemn he NK government in any scenario, we've been doing that for decades with no change in any circumstances. The NK people are what matter here, if we have to play nice to get them out of the situation that they are in then I say throw a fucking birthday party for Kim and have a 25 tier cake for all I care. We and the people of NK can deal with the crimes of these monsters when they are out of harms way.
It wouldn't be ECC RAM, that's error correcting.
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