• Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize by 2 Norwegian lawmakers
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https://www.straitstimes.com/world/united-states/trump-nominated-for-peace-prize-by-2-norwegian-lawmakers?utm_campaign=Echobox&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&xtor=CS1-10#Echobox=1528967167 Ewww no pls
After threatening to destroy Kim Jong Un, he called off the summit until he reluctantly agreed to go, and somehow he deserves a Nobel for it? I appreciate that the summit happened and I believe it was a great achievement, but Trump didn't handle it in any way you could call praiseworthy except for the fact, as you all know, that he didn't fuck it up.
I want Trump to win just soo the Nobel Prize can be finally ousted as purely political award and shitshow it is.
I mean I guess he's kinda eligible for it at least.
Prizes are a joke anyways lol
He won the 2026 world cup bid. Or didn't claim that one yet? $1 mil prize money for a Nobel Prize btw
Maybe trump can fit it up his asshole.
Are Nobel prize nominations strictly confidential until 60 years after the fact?
No wonder he seems so desperate to get it. He might go bankrupt (again) otherwise.
Yeah, so you can expect a salty twitter post now if he somehow doesn't get the award.
He's gonna have to start with another small loan of a million dollarydoos again
its not even a great achievement, even the WH's line about it being the first time a sitting president has sat down with the leader of North Korea is patently a lie. they made a mountain out of this so they could score with the republicans at home but north korea still has nukes, balistic missiles, and every class of WMD, we are going to be pulling back from south korea, Iran now has every reason to build and test a nuclear bomb, and he is now fawning over a man who runs concentration camps and genocides his people to this day. He got played because he only cares about himself and the spectacle, the talks will stall and collapse, as north korea always does.
Give it to obama Or even hillary I just want to see trumps reaction.
It should honestly be awarded to Dennis Rodman, since he initiated said dialog with North Korea, while everyone thought he completely went off his knocker when he went to North Korea for talks with Kim Jong Un for the first time.
Y'know, I feel like laying "good thing it's only a nomination, he's never gonna win anyway lmao" but then I remembered the election
The great thing is that I'm not sure which of the two would piss him off more.
Obama did get a Nobel Peace Prize, and that's the only reason why Trump is obsessed with it. Like so much else in his presidency, he is consumed with undoing Obama's legacy.
Trump's presidency is the worst high-school break-up.
You want to piss him off? How could you suggest one of those 2. Give it to Obama and Hillary, maybe Trudeau, and President Moon.
Bonus: give it to Mueller for the investigation in the face of constant attempts to discredit and sow distrust.
LOL - and he's now in with the claim. https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/223000/87863cce-07ea-4aeb-b46f-8123dfd1665b/TweetDeck - Google Chrome 15062018 131835.jpg https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1007580091692568576
it was already ousted as that, obama got the peace prize for essentially being the first black president while at the time of the award he was increasing the amount of drone strikes
Do people really believe this? I'm pretty sure it's a t_d meme. If anyone deserves the Nobel it's Moon. A) The reason why Obama got the Nobel prize has been explained in detail by several people, chiefly the people who awarded it to him. Pushing the "he only got it cuz he was black" narrative is disingenuous and kind of offensive, but more importantly false. B) Not that I don't believe it but do you have evidence that drone strikes increased in 2008 as opposed to 2004-2007? C) Regular reminder that Obama acknowledged all of this when he received the award, both the people who he felt deserved it more and the fact that he was the commander in chief of a nation engaged in two wars.
https://www.thebureauinvestigates.com/stories/2017-01-17/obamas-covert-drone-war-in-numbers-ten-times-more-strikes-than-bush Pakistan was the hub of drone operations during Obama’s first term. The pace of attacks had accelerated in the second half of 2008 at the end of Bush’s term, after four years pocked by occasional strikes. However in the year after taking office, Obama ordered more drone strikes than Bush did during his entire presidency. The 54 strikes in 2009 all took place in Pakistan. He got the Nobel prize for two speeches, one about nuclear nonproliferation and one about reaching out to the Islamic world and trying to improve relations with Arab states. Both were recent speeches that announced initiatives, both of which failed. The committee gave the prize based on 2 naive speeches, not on any active result
Right, I wasn't making the case that he deserved it and I've said in the past that he didn't. As far as I can tell he didn't believe he deserved it. I was just saying that his skin color is meaningless.
I'd rather have this prize to go to that guy who runs an orphanage and has cleared landmines for his entire adult life or someone like that
Around 330 people have been nominated, so being nominated doesn't mean that much.
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