• Trump Told G7 Leaders Crimea Is Russian cause Everyone Speaks Russian In Crimea
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https://www.buzzfeed.com/albertonardelli/trump-russia-crimea?utm_term=.aundVJJ1VP#.obdY8PPK8j USA is now part of England cause everyone speaks english in USA
The US is going to have a hack of a time fixing its image after this idiot gets out of the office.
I guess that means vatican city is the roman empire then?
We're gonna have our own destalinization. The more people who go down in the impeachment the better.
There's 40 million people in America who speak Spanish. Thus, around 8% of the country should be given to Spain/Mexico. Fair? Fair.
How in the bloody hell is this even a sensible argument? It's like saying Brazil is Portuguese because people speak portuguese in there, like come on. Crimea belonged to Ukraine not because people spoke ukrainian, it was land Ukraine gained after the fall of USSR.
All right boys, pack it up. The Declaration of Independence is irrelevant now. We belong to England again.
Reminder: Trump's friends think that Hispanics are in the US as a plot by Mexico to conquer it.
You see, what he actually meant was that the GOP and the Tories were going to do a cross-country partnership and become greatest allies. /s
Technically, Ukraine acquired Crimea when the peninsula was transferred from the Russian SFSR to the Ukrainian SSR in 1954. Ukraine kept the land after the USSR collapsed because they were SSR's legal successor state.
Except everyone speaks Spanish in Mexico so Mexico doesn't really exist, it's Spain.
Can it ever recover? Would you take a country seriously when even if they get a proper leader that only lasts until the next Republican assclown gets elected?
Dissamble the GOP permantley and let the libertarians take over as the right leaning party in the US.
Maybe it should not - Trump's presidnecy is an indicator of far greater internal issues. US better off lay low for few decades and fix those first before showin up on international area as big player.
I don't think that'd be the kind of improvement you envision. Just moves from one flavour of shit to another.
I like to call Trump a Saturday morning cartoon villain but especially lately, that metaphor is breaking down somewhat. Mostly because Saturday morning cartoon villains have functioning brains.
Crimea belongs to Crimean Tatars over anyone else. Since Tataria is not going to be a thing (Crimea cannot exist on its own, won't be able to sustain itself as an independent country), Ukraine is the next choice. Between Russia and Ukraine, only one of these countries has not deported and attacked natives of Crimea during USSR times. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deportation_of_the_Crimean_Tatars
Yeah, but at least we'd go from "The Bible says" to people praising privatization while bitching about the price of bottled water.
My god. We're not even halfway through this term.
Tbh I think there's been permanent damage in the perception of America's reliability in international treaties, alliances and such e.g. the Iran nuclear deal. Unless there's some serious changes in the way elections happen, a serious improvement in how informed and active voters are and so on, then i'd figure most governments would have to steel themselves for another potential future American flip-flop resetting progress.
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