• Vladimir Putin invites Kim Jong Un to Russia in September
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And now there's reason to be suspicious about this.
Gee how convenient to have a puppet state on the doorstep of South Korea, backed by China?
I did not knew US presence was backed by China, but that's even better!
It's been fishy since the beginning
Since when is the US on South Korea's doorstep. I think you mit need to go back to school for some geography lessons.
Kim right now is like one of those kids in childhood that nobody likes but then he gets pack of bubblegum and out of sudden he's everyones best friend.
Russians aren't so good at geography it seems, as you can see from the "lost" Russian soldiers in Eastern Ukraine.
Isn't South Korea just another way for the US to project power over the area? They regularly hold, I mean held, military exercises.
That's a bit different than what Karimatrix stupidly said though seeing as the US is definitely not a Chinese puppet state. And it's also not being on South Korea's doorstep anyways. That's just having a military alliance with South Korea.
I think it's just a misunderstanding. Karimatrix was making a joke about the US presence in South Korea being the same thing as Russian presence would be in North Korea.
He should definitely have communicated that better then. It certainly didn't come across as a joke, especially when you take into account his reputation around here.
I never thought I'd see the day when everyone's trying to be best friends with North Korea. I feel conflicted. Stabilizing the Korean peninsula is important, but they are still playing buddy-buddy with the worst dictator in the world today. At least we might not get nuclear war, so that's something I guess.
One thing saves many people, one gets petty revenge on a singular man, The prior is obviously the best option.
Yeah, I get that. I'm not saying we should start making threats or anything like that. It just feels like things got too friendly too fast. We're basically feeding grade-A propaganda material to North-Korea without getting much anything in return.
I really want to find out what happens if he was to win that.
3 months from now: Kim Jong Un found """""misteriously dead"""" after reportedly insulting Vladimir Putin himself, stating "How many layers of dictatorship are you on?" to which Putin responded "like 5 or 6 right now my comrade", which in turn led to Kim replying "You are like a child. Watch". These are his reported last words before he sipped on his vodka and was poisoned by his enemies
I totally agree with that. Kim should be trialed for crimes against humanity, and it stings that it probably isn't ever going to happen. But as it seems cultural ties are the single most effective thing to change a country, and economic ties are the most effective thing for keeping peace, justice will have to be delayed indefinitely for the sake of the greater good.
"Hey Kimmy. See, I got this tape here. This really embarassing tape the president doesn't want everyone to see. I got him in a position where he'll do anything I say to keep it dark. Wanna hop on board?"
I hope kim leaks the piss tape
Oh right, how could I forget all the times I logged into Karimatrix's account and shitposted on it to ruin his reputation. What an utterly fucking moronic thing to say. Karimatrix is responsible for his own reputation. It's the way he posts that has ruined his reputation and it's his shit reputation that causes misunderstandings like this. Ergo it's his problem if the way he posts causes misunderstandings when he's not trying to be stupid.
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