• Senate Voted To Block Turkey From receiving F-35s in Spat over S-400 integration
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US doesn't want Russia gathering data on our state-of-the-art fighter jet, this is only a problem because Turkey decided to purchase S-400's instead of America's MIM-104 Patriot missiles which the F-35 was designed to work with. We don't know what's going on with the S-400 or if it shares data to Moscow, so we don't want the F-35 to communicate with it and or have it tracking the F-35's signature, altitude, speed, turning radius, etc consistently.
hell, just these things operating under even friendly operated s-400 radar is a huge problem because of the cat and mouse nature of stealth tech, we have to minimize contact with enemy radar systems and in turkey's case they were warned several times by several countries of this
This is a pretty good TLDR of the current situation. Unfortunately according to the article Lockheed Martin says it doesn't plan on changing anything and will continue to deliver the first Turkish F-35As
Even nukes, the world most powerful weapon couldn't be kept secret. As soon as any F-35's leave control of the US military the risk of its technological secrets leaking to enemy nations goes up exponentially. Why spend billions and billions of dollars of cutting edge tech just to sell it to unreliable nations in regards to military operational security?
Because money.
Why simply not sell outdated crap for fuckton of money? If market does not provide anything to top that, it sells like pancakes
Because countries that can afford top-of-the-line dick-enhancements (Saudi Arabia) won't settle for out-dated crap.
Turkey shouldn't be receiving shit in its current stage anyway.
Good. Turkey shouldn't even be a member of NATO at this point, let alone receiving state of the art military tech from us so they can line their pockets by selling it on to Russia.
Because the F-35 program has been going for a long time long before turkey acted like this and was still considered a very close Ally. The idea that program is everything is so intertwined that it makes it easier for NATO allies to work together and mutual self-defense the problem is now that turkey is gone Rogue and should probably be removed from NATO it is now too difficult to remove turkey from a program that it was so integrated in before. The risk is, if Turkish officials feel NATO relations are Beyond repair they will likely turn over dead F-35s to China, Russia or possibly Iran.
so the company can continue to sell these stuffs even when the government doesn't want to?
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