• Melania wears 'I don't really care do u?' coat on migrant visit
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whether or not there's a hidden meaning, it just comes off as unprofessional to wear something like that when you're on official duty. Like would you wear a jacket that said "I REALLY DONT CARE" to a job interview? Even if you meant nothing by it and were just wearing it because you felt like it, the expectation people have of you is to dress appropriately
If only Snake was here to rescue those kids from the camps.
If she was just pictured at a rally or outside the White House with this jacket then I wouldn't see why it would be particularly noteworthy. But it's pretty weird to go on a trip to Texas in the dead of summer to visit a child detention center on Refugee Day with a coat that says "I don't really care" on it.
Is this the new Supreme x ICE collab? w2c?
"it is a jacket" ignores the context of the words that are emblazoned on the back and the situation in which the jacket was worn, no one's making fun of her fashion sense. And the "but there's more important things to worry about" line, as it is every single bloody time it's used, is a useless hand-wave that ignores the simple concerns brought up, as is the needless exaggeration of reactions (which I sincerely hope isn't your understanding of how people feel). All it is is a simple bit of a context, part of the backdrop of the general issue, and it's being highlighted because to a lot of people it's a bizarre but succinct icon. Also there's the minor fact that people are able to care about multiple things instead of focusing on the singular worst one.
You are absolutely right, people can focus on various things at once. The fact people are fixating on a jacket of all things is still stupid to me. Did this jacket suddenly give everyone a realization of how screwed up this administration is? Was the jacket the smoking gun that is gonna turn the tide? No. It isn't. What did it provide us greater depth as to the mentality of this administration? Is it unprofessional? Yes. Was it a poor choice? Yes. But, in the end it doesn't matter because in the grand scheme of things it is such a small transgression why even waste your energy on it. Why even make it into a TOP STORY. It's like paying attention to some sparks coming out of a socket when room is engulfed in flames.
I think it was a mistake by her and she couldn't fully understand ciritism
How do you quantify whether this is a top story? how is this a top story? it's a story, out of many incredibly weird ones that have come out of this administration.
Has Melania ever done anything stupid like this before? The only other threads I remember reading was her reusing Michelle Obama's words. I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.
She married Trump.
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