• Merkel presses over migration as 'European solution' fails
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The biggest issue is that even when they try to "move" solution elsewhere and pour fuckton of money into security, they yet do nothing ot control that security soo you end up having immigrants paying bribes to cross in to the same people that were supposed preventing them from that.
"My political power is in jeopardy so now migration issues are suddenly negotiable."
How did she get elected for a 4th term
Better she doesn't give in, or it will show that AFD and the rest of fascists were right about the situation being "unbearable" for Europe. The very last thing we need right is they having more opportunities to grow, and we already have enough headaches with the new gobernment of Italy about this. The very idea of just refusing to aid any migrants is not onñy illegal by human rights, but also beyond ethical motives, no democracy can refuse this and still calling themselves as democratics.
"Thanks for the voters" -every "fascist" party
buddy, fascism is the least of Europe's problems right now. Considering most non-progressive political parties really didn't like those immigration policies to begin with, it'll probably just result in the collective mass shrug of the European population. Worst case - Poland will have a field day.
A spineless electorate.
In a democracy, it must be fought for the human rights, not appease the public which are being spurred by far-right populists. And what do you mean fascism is the least of our problems right now? Each country is falling to them due the EU refusing to go 180º on their economic decisions. We are literally following the same steps of the 1930s by blaming the outsiders on how shitty is the economy right now through fear and lies. We stop this now, or it will be not long until someone ultranationalistic decides to follow their plans of a perfect country, just like many times it has happened.
I don't see how? Are people more likely to vote for a moderate party that takes action on excessive immigration, or a far-right party? Immigration isn't a solely far-right political issue. You can't enact egalitarian socialist policies in your country if you have your doors open to everyone - it puts too much pressure on local services and budgeting. The far-right exaggerates the current impact, but if you don't take pre-emptive action, then that's the reality you face. Then you really will see far-right parties taking hold. Further to that, if you're open-arms to anyone and everyone, what is the incentive for these working age, economically active migrants to stay at home, develop their own economies and improving the standard of living in their own countries? You can fight for the human rights of the native population who live there. Your country can't and shouldn't be a facilitator for the rest of the world. It would be better if, instead of burdening the population of your own country with the problems of another, that the problems were solved at their source.
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