• Putin-Trump summit to take place in Helsinki on July 16
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Protesters should go there with signs saying how they're happy that Trump and Putin are finally coming out of the closet
So a puppet meets his master. Having a summit between this clown of a president and the person who's actively trying to destroy us from the inside is ironic and umcomfortable.
Don't choke on that Russian cum to much Mr. President.
Better yet, do.
Thank fuck i'm not in Helsinki around that time, traffic's gonna grind to a halt as their motorcades and the regiment of bodyguards therein dally about.
CNN reports that they will establish agreement for US pull out form Syria, in exchange for "no mans land" on border with Iran and allowance of other anti assad forces withdrawal to other regions. That's a huge gain for Russian goverment if true, while US getting rekt. What a time to be alive.
Can we stop letting the Putin puppet narrative get in the way of sensible foreign policy? The US should not be in Syria and all we're doing is sticking our dick in another sovereign nation and fucking things up with no authorization from Congress or support from the public.
So Trump's boss is holding a performance review.
So what's the end goal here? Overthrow the strongman in the middle east? Take a good look at Iraq and Libya and tell me that's a good idea. Can we also stop pretending like America gives a single fuck about the humanitarian situation in Syria? Trump has almost completely closed the door on allowing Syrian refugees asylum. Not to mention the outrageous proposition of bombing the Syrian capital for humanitarian reasons. How does that help anybody? This is nothing but a geopolitical dickwaving contest against our enemies. We want a Western-friendly regime, or at the very least to deprive Russia of an ally to limit their influence, that's what this is. There has been no vote on this. Put it to a vote, form a UN coalition instead of doing unauthorized airstrikes, stop trying to overthrow Assad and start helping the people suffering from this. Then America's cries of humanitarianism will actually have some merit.
I'm flying from Helsinki on the 19th and I'm glad it's not happening on the same date, this is sure to cause delays. Also this reminds me. My aunt's husband was part of the police security team for Ronald Reagan's visit in 1988. He asked if he could see inside the Air Force One and the secret service politely told him to fuck off (according to him). He was also driving a Saab 900 on the runway alongside the plane before takeoff.
I admire your optimism, I really do
We shouldn't be in Syria but it's naive to wave away the fact that a number of foreign policy decisions made by this administration also just so happen to increase Russian power, access, and influence.
This administration has hardly done anything policy-wise to Putin's significant benefit. We've been sanctioning them, we've been ramping up funding for NATO, bombing Syria, etc. If Putin had that much leverage, we'd have been out of Syria a long time ago. Trump's the commander-in-chief, he can leave anytime he wants to. Yeah, no shit it's in Russia's interest for us to leave, but that doesn't mean it isn't the correct move. We're not achieving anything and we haven't voted on it. People are treating the Syrian intervention as a given. That's not how it works. America needs to justify their presence with clear, concise reasons and goals. Most people I see set the goalposts at "obviously we should be in Syria and Trump is a Russian stooge if he withdraws," which I think is a ludicrous position.
No place like hell for a summit.
"How are you, you commie" then he whispers in front of everyone: "did I do it right?"
I wonder how much booze Putin's gonna take back with him this time. If I remember correctly, the last time he stopped by they filled the plane with alcohol and cheese when they left.
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