• Mexico president-elect rejects bodyguards: "The citizens will protect me"
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https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/jul/03/mexico-amlo-president-no-bodyguards RIP
yeah rip
maybe he's determined to act as a martyr
I don't think his death will solve or improve anything as a martyr, he would be extremely naive to assume so.
Extremely irresponsible, the people elected you for a reason. They have hope you can make things better. You better get protection otherwise as soon as the cartel wants you gone they will take you out. It is a kind gesture, but the citizens will not protect you. They're afraid.
Next week's headline: Mexican President-Elect's decision to eschew bodyguards proven monumentally retarded as cartel assassins murder him in cold blood in front of the Capitol Building. REALLY fucking dumb choice, bud. You live in a country where cartels own entire states. You need an escort.
He's got cahones for sure lol
But the bodyguards are citizens? This is like that story of God and the boats.
If he dies, Mexican Civil War could happens.
I mean, you have to wonder if bodyguards would ultimately do him much good anyway if a cartel really wanted him dead.
not even kind of. The amount of disconnect between career politicians and person on the street is marianas sized
mariachi More like mariachi sized But yeah, if dude don't rip he's either cartel covered or he's ready to pack some heat.
Not gonna happen. If it ever does, another Mexican Revolution/Civil War will probably make the one in the early 1900's look like a fucking cakewalk. I suspect that we'll also see a large amount of spillover, and raids into American cities. Either way though, the chances of that happening are maybe at best 5%. For a civil war to happen in Mexico, the United States will need to lockdown the border, which will prevent the braindrain of intellectuals that are currently illegally immigrating into the USA.
Reminds me of that scene in Narcos where that politician refused to wear body armour out of principle and was quickly slain by Escobar's men. This is very brave, but if you really want to bring change, not being murdered in cold blood is important. Don't give the cartels a massive victory that frightens everyone into submission.
Yea, I wouldn't make until reality except you forget 14 year Drug War still plague country with increasing killing alongside with Corrupted police and politicians would make 5-7% chance of Civil War happen.
If a civil war were to happen, what factions do you think exactly would be fighting one another for control of Mexico? And why would these factions out of no where go to war with each other at the death of the president?
I get that it's to show the cartel that he's not afraid but man is he fucking stupid. Show the cartels you're not afraid by showing them your guns are bigger.
It's important to note, he's explicitly waiving Federal bodyguards, like the Secret Service, as well as a host of other presidential privileges. I'm sure he has his own security detail, who arguably are a much safer choice than the notoriously corrupt Mexican Security Forces. I feel like people are taking this far too much at face value.
Between devout Obardor supporters and some anti-corrupted military in country vs Anti-Obardor supporters/activists, pro-corrupted military/politicians and cartels.
I read that he has said he supports amnesty for some of the drug war criminals. Does he not realize that these cartels and the people who run them are literally willing to let the entire country burn in the name of profit? Why should they deserve freedom after all they've already done? Is he naive enough that he thinks they aren't monsters and had any justification for offing Mexicans by the tens of thousands and dumping them in mass graves? It's like giving fucking ISIS members amnesty, for god's sake.
Why should people who had no choice but join the cartels or die be forced to be killed?
Has it been said that this is the extent of his proposal? My understanding is that he believes eliminating poverty in Mexico is the best way to end the drug war, and he has proposed reducing the military's role in policing the drug war. So it seems it is less about sparing those who were given an ultimatum at gunpoint, and more about a naive belief that most people working in the drug trade are decent people who just want to put food on the table.
Eliminating poverty is Mexico would go a long way. As would reduce the necessity to police many of the substances that the cartels move around. The Cartels would go out of business if (proper) drug laws were enacted that didn't make buying it legally more expensive compared to the benefit of it.
How certain of you that these "some anti-corrupted military" would join Obardor suppporters and why would anti-Obardor supporters begin a shooting war, exactly?
It depends of these soldier are like Obardor or not.
You know I agree with him not eschewing an escort, but that's a fucking stupid way of dealing with violence. Increasing arms, arms races, drawing guns... it's not force mitigation, it's force escalation.
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