• Morning Headlines - Trump: May has "wrecked Brexit".
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https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/217414/166a8100-2c42-45c9-ae43-82545cdc62b5/image.png I don't like trump either but that's kind of a mean headline guardian :/
You shouldn't get offended by facts.
And look at all the dim witted fucks who actually believe the Sun parrot this bs
Good, fight amongst yourselves.
At least Putin is experienced in his bullshit tbh
Oh yeah, and what party is May the leader of who also should take responsibility for this monumental fuck up? Or are we going to pin this solely on the ol' Wheaty lass? Still, trump shouldn't have his say remotely in this. Piss off.
It's almost like he met with Rees-Mogg before he met with the PM. This is the worst possible result of his visit - May is the only Tory left who doesn't want to destroy this country outright without even trying. He needs to get his orange nose out of the ERG's arse.
I guess Theresa's cock-gobbling techniques got a bit sloppy.
https://twitter.com/maggieNYT/status/1017757329352200193?s=19 https://twitter.com/Carrasquillo/status/1017758237104459776?s=19
Ah, the joys of creating a post-truth era: you can deny anything, no matter how factual, and still get away with it.
All that extra security the Tories decided the taxpayers should be funding so that the manchild in chief could visit sure was worth it, eh may? I don't think ive seen a Political party waste so much money to generate so much bad PR.
There is no such thing as bad PR, one way or another, you geenrate attention.
Yeah sure, if you are selling a product- less so if you are hoping to cling to power in elections.
Wish UK would kick him out for being a fucking asshat but given US status we gotta smile and take it.
He's appealing to fans abroad who don't think their conservative government is strong enough to execute Brexit properly. It's a call for a further push to the right, and is more effective than people are giving him credit for.
Tell that to Weinstein
This is absolute bullshit and demonstrably untrue. Many people have had their lives ruined due to bad publicity, it is routinely used turn public opinion against people and entities. It's a stupid quote that people parrot without considering how the real world functions.
Well done, Comrade. Sixty rubles have been deposited to your account for your successful post!
"Man accused of molesting his neighbour's toddler based on zero evidence, gets his reputation instantly destroyed and gets fired from job, receives anonymous death threats on Facebook." "There is no such thing as bad PR!"
I think the saying needs a bit of an extension these days: "There is no such thing as bad PR***" ***If you have a cult following willing to rewrite their understanding of reality and keep repeating it until people forget. He could rape a child on camera and T_D would rationalize it as a democrat child or something.
Did I accidentally step into r/politics? Would be nice not to start that kind of dumb shitposting here as well, it's annoying enough when it happens on Reddit and contributes nothing.
Karimatrix is a known blind pro-Russian poster who has been rumored to be a straight-up propagandist. I think the worrying part is that I might not be joking, even though I intend it as a joke.
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