• Putin and Trump meet, trump claims US "stupidity" as source of Russian distrust.
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*believable and entirely expected by anyone with a functional brain
Wouldn't that bring him back? On topic, lets cool down a bit guys no need for name calling at each other
That would return him to earth? *trump is first president to get to mars and back alive* As for meeting - what is about that guy that security aprehended? he was waving some paper and screaming about "atomic" deal?
Something tells me we're probably not gonna hear of him again.
I dunno, I thought the second one would just be to make extra sure.
Because the reason why the west has this much power is due to the US' many systems that give them that power. There's a reason why if the american economy crashes, it hits all corners of the west. You could say the EU could take it, but what do they have military/manufacturing/farming/technology/trade. If the US disappeared, russia/china would walk all over the west with little resistance. Thats including your nation too btw.
Putin is just trolling at this point and playing into the "puppeteer" image that the media keeps giving him and people continue to fall for it. Trump is a narcissistic manchild who wants validation as a world leader. All you have to do is kiss up and treat him as a strong president and he'll like you. You don't need a piss tape.
Putin said Russia didn't interfere. Boy I'm glad we got that cleared up. Sorry for the confusion guys. Alright Mueller you're no longer needed!
President Kennedy is rolling in his grave right now so hard he is providing enough electricity for the Eastern United States.
Doubt it would include Argentina tbh but why do you only fixate on this fictitious scenario of the US somehow dissapearing instead of realizing a much more likely scenario would be that of the UK and how it slowly lost it's power?
Crooked Robber Mueller still wasting taxpayers' money in conducting a FAKE WITCH HUNT bad and/or sick guy!
It's all part of Trump's energy Independence plan. Is there anything this man can't do?!?
First press puts him on the surface, second press puts him inside a martian cave full of gay brown martians
70% is just the figure off the top of my head because of course his original statement is covered the most. But still as a NATO ally don't you think they should be buying gas and oil from us or someone else instead of Russia? For all the talk about giving Russia a hard time that seems to be counterproductive to NATO's mission, cheap fuel or not. Did he? Kim seemed to be receptive to denuclearizing the peninsula. Of course we'll have to verify that this happens over time but things seem to be going the right direction. Wasn't that going to be addressed AT the meeting? Well hey, it's been several years since I've talked to either of you. I vaguely remember proboardslol posting anti-gun opinions in one of these threads; if I'm wrong then sorry I guess.
wtf aliens were brown? smh the liberal media lied to us about little green men
https://mobile.twitter.com/xeni/status/1018901751519309825 https://mobile.twitter.com/michaeldweiss/status/1018912315121364992
"Noo, noo we den do iiit" -Russia on everything.
Where did you get this? I was opposed to this guy during the primaries (on record here at FP) and I remained skeptical of him up until after the election. Even now I'm still skeptical about the things he does even if I do generally like him. The tariff thing was pretty concerning to me till I read up on why he decided to do it, and I'm still twiddling my thumbs to see what comes of it. Not every decision Trump makes is good but really can you say that about any president? Just because I come out swinging when we have people here who are actually trying to vindicate Antifa or making other wild claims doesn't mean that I "worship" trump.
Your rant about fake news and kool aid says it all dude. This post reads like my uncle saying "I don't support hitler but the holocaust wasn't technically illegal under german law in 1945"
You are turning a blind eye to treason against the United States of America. You are turning a blind eye to treason against the United States of America. YOU ARE TURNING A BLIND EYE TO TREASON AGAINST THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
Trump is such a fucking tool. Hats off to Russia though, I mean come on this is an impressive leveraging and subversion of the flaws in democracy. I hope when all of this is over, the people who support Trump will be forced to face the reality of how hard they were used and how shamefully stupid they are. I doubt it though, their reality bending powers are pretty strong.
"Sure he's not perfect but who is lol" Just fuck off already
Kinda weird thing to say considering you're responding to one of the most highly respected conservative users on the site. Grenadiac posts his opinions that aren't in line with mainstream left wing views all the damned time. He just doesn't argue like a total moron and people can have actual productive conversations with him.
So Putin's word weighs more for Trump than every one of his own intelligence agencies and he's not afraid to outright say it. It's like the ending of American Psycho but worse.
I can't wait for the day when the words "Mr President, you are under arrest for high treason against the United States" come out of the lips of an FBI agent as handcuffs are placed around that orange cheeto's wrists.
And on that day, Trump will clench his tiny little fists and scream "FAKE NEWS" as he's hauled away to face charges
I'm conscious of the fact that I'm being pretty aggro in this thread but the whole "everyone right of center is a secret trump worshipping traitor to america" thing is really starting to get under my skin. I've been watching the divide grow wider and all I can think of is George Washington's earnest warning about the two party system.
What? I'm not saying that anything hitler did was right. What did he actually do? He's increased the funding for our military (uneccessarily IMO but still) and he's calling for NATO to be more funded, an organization which is directly opposed to Russia by nature. If you're saying that he's really just some Russian sympathizer undermining the US for Russian interests I'm not seeing it. I know, I vaguely remember that he was. I'm just tired of playing nice because in my experience on this board that was never reciprocated. Flaming was against the rules but people just got around it with the most annoying passive-aggressive wordplay I've ever seen. And look, if I see people going around DEFENDING antifa for attacking people who aren't even fascists with the kind of vitriol I saw last thread, I'm gonna get pretty fired up too.
IF that day comes to pass. I wouldn't rule out Trump taking comfortable residence in Russia after his term, out of range of American law enforcement.
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