• If Mueller investigation asks to question suspects, Russia will oblige - Putin
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Paraphrased to fit title. https://www.rt.com/news/433400-mueller-probe-request-russia/
At first I thought that the accused Russian agents would be coming to the US to be questioned, which would be interesting to say the least, and I would almost think it could possibly end with a polonium tipped umbrella like Russia has been known to do. However, this I guess is more just showboating for the press, as it is patently ridiculous to think that the Russian prosecutor general, or the Russian government has any interest in actually investigating their own people or rather exposing any sort of government sponsored misinformation campaigns that they've performed. It is essentially a thief prosecuting themselves for the crime they committed.
The source is RT, of course it's showboating. It's propaganda to show that Putin is offering to cooperate with the Americans, and when they refuse the ridiculous suggestion of letting Russia investigate itself he can go "look I offered to cooperate but it wasn't good enough for them, how am I supposed to work with that?"
Putin is a master of this shit, while Trump is a total idiot
Great, now tell your employees in Mar A Lago that.
what if this is putin's grand finale, where he reveals russia is in full control of america and causes a political collapse
He basically already has.
No you won't. Next.
They might do if they get another puppet first.
On the plus side, when the russians break into a full invasion, I can finally fulfill a lifelong dream of killing a russian with a mosin.
If you plan on making them die of laughter, ask them to get out of tank first.
That's the plan, my guy
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