• Israel adopts divisive Jewish nation-state law
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Worth noting that the dude who replied first to this thread is a huge shitposter
I guess you can chalk that one up to +1 fsacists regimes in the world, with apartheid to boot
That doesn't excuse being a shitbag, though. Condemning Israel is separate from condemning jewish people, and using offensive jewish stereotypes does the latter, not the former. It's an excuse to be a twonk and then hide behind legitimate criticism - no one can pretend otherwise, and the slew of ratings up there is a mite concerning.
Sorry, here's a less racially insensitive meme. https://i.redd.it/8wshvbp6u8bz.jpg
What exactly is Likkud trying to do here? Lay the legal and social groundwork within which a more overt ethnic cleansing would be something they could get away with? A genocide, ultimately? I wouldn't put it past Bibi. He's just that kind of degenerate.
Take a gander at Israel-Related headlines posted in Polidicks over the last few years and you'll quickly realize that, yes, the Israeli Regime is actively attempting a genocide by all definitions.
Whilst I will not draw a direct comparison it is somewhat ironic that eighty-five years after the National Socialists were elected to power in Germany the nation of Israel (largely founded and descended from the same people the Nazis oppressed) is taking on similar up to and even including Lebensraum.
you're not drawing a direct comparison yet you draw a direct comparison https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/1750/dee4bd52-7713-45f8-bfcc-42f977928451/image.png
As Riller pointed out there are several officially religious states that still manage to function as mostly secular societies. The UK has a state religion but they allow religious freedom and got rid of their blasphemy laws 20 years ago. Iceland and Greece have state religions as well. Also a while back I said it felt like Russia, China, and the US were competing to see who can be the world's most dystopian hellscape, let's just expand that statement to every country. This is downright obscene, the middle east's only functional democracy has fallen.
So... What does the state being "Jewish" or "Christian" mean in that case? Basically a qualifier void of significance.
too late... where have you been for the last half century?
Well it can vary, in the case of the UK the divine right of royalty is enshrined as law. In Denmark the state church is funded in part by the government, meaning it's tax funded even by non-members of the church. Italian law mandates all taxpayers must give .8% of their income tax to a state-recognized church or social assistance program. In Germany, although there's no state religion, there's not full separation of church and state so religious education is allowed in public schools, provided it's conducted by an official of a state recognized religion.
Not denying non-Jewish private citizens to right to personal self-determination in the constitution would be a good start.
Well, those are aspects that are a detriment to democracy and equal treatment for all.
I suppose what I was trying to say was that while Israel isn't on the same level as the Third Reich (especially not where politics/mass extermination is concerned) it comes frighteningly close in its behaviour towards those outside of its "Jewish" nation just as was with the "German" nation.
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