• "Traitor" protests erupt outside White House as Trump returns from Putin summit
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https://twitter.com/apblake/status/1019022851855265792 http://thehill.com/homenews/news/397356-protests-erupt-outside-of-white-house-as-trump-returns-from-putin-summit
Yeah, he is a traitor and should face his punishment as such.
That's some pretty lights they got.
I can't wait to see the ridiculous backpedaling that all these republican pieces of shit do when its finally outed that trump is Benedict Arnold 2.0, so you'll have all these chickenshits that were saying how desperately in love with him they are/were trying to say "OH I NEVER TRUSTED HIM, NOPE NOT FOR A S-S-SECOND"
And nothing will change anyway
Now that Brexit has been demonstrated to be a failure, the people who voted to Leave are being forced to face the reality that they were idiots and were suckered into self-sabotage. The problem is that although some of those people are apologetic and angry at the people that lied to them - the vast majority have doubled down on denial and anger in order to protect themselves from the reality that they made a bad choice. I think you'll find that Trump's base will be resilient to admitting fault. Rather than deny that they were wrong, they would rather deny reality. It's easier for them that way, because we live in an age of mass delusion where a lot of people don't have enough introspection or critical thinking skills to question what they are being told and their role in things. I think it's safe to assume that those who haven't already bailed or don't bail soon will be die-hards that will go to their graves in a few decades, supporting Trumps presidency.
Washington DC is a very Democratic city, it's never gone GOP in a presidential election since it got electors. It went 90% Clinton in 2016. Statistically at least 2/3 of the city hates his guts and thinks he's a traitor lmao.
Breaking news: Donald Trump declares a rural Texas village the new capital of the USA
They don’t think he’s a traitor, they KNOW he’s a traitor.
Kind hard for us to want to vote GOP when the Republican party runs on dismantling the federal government, and therefore everyone's jobs
As someone not living in the USA... Ive read quite some articles about it, but its never stated explicit as such, so... ...What exactly did he do that is treasonous? please dont yell booourns at me
Shame you only get as many electors as the least populous states.
What didn't he do. He even openly admitted that he trusted Vladimir Putin a Former KGB agent and leader of the Russian Federation over our own intelligence agencies.
The basic idea is: 1.) Trump wants to be president. He's been in Russian pockets for a long time because he's a terrible businessman and burns through cash without making it back, so he had to turn to high interest Russian banks to support his scam businesses 2.) Putin wants American sanctions gone and American influence out of the way in Europe, so he goes to his good buddy Donald and says "Here's the deal:" 3.) Putin uses Russian government/KGB to hack the DNC, hack Clinton's emails, and run psyops on American voters by spreading anti-Clinton fake news on Facebook and Twitter, and creating bots that posted pro-trump posts pretending to be American 4.) Trump wins the presidency, and in return from Putin's help, lifts or refuses to enforce sanctions and severely undermines American influence overseas (East and West Europe) Doing this is treasonous because Trump is supposed to 1.) not collaborate with a foreign power to get elected and 2.) have allegiance to the Constitution, not Vladimir Putin
The President of the USA takes an oath of office in which he pledges to uphold the laws of the land and defend America's people from its enemies and from threats at home and abroad. The President of the USA stood next to the President of Russia and said he believes a former KGB agent over the unanimous decision of his own intelligence services. In that moment, he was not an American President, he was a KGB asset standing next to his handler. His oath of office demanded that he stand up for America and tell Russia to fuck off. Instead, he knelt down so Putin could stand on his back and wave. When given the opportunity to advance American interests, he threw them under the bus and sucked Russian cock live on international TV.
I wish I could be there lending support. I've had so much pent up frustration about this whole situation I'd love to take it out by screaming at him in what should be a real president's front yard.
again with my frustration of how big the USA is. I want to protest as well, but im like 1.2k miles away from D.C.
This needs to spread, and it needs to spread like a California wildfire. Right here and right now, we need to send a message, not just to the White House, and not just to Congress, but to every single state and territorial capital: we will not allow the world's oldest democracy to become a Russian puppet state.
Worked with the country's largest geopolitical foe to hijack the election for the executive branch of the government, then once obtaining that position has used to it harm and weaken the countries interests and actively endangering the country's people while promoting the interests and standing of said largest geopolitical foe.
yep pretty much, people are going to be too angry at the left to concieve they were wrong, look at the long line of assholes that trails from Nixon through the conservative media establishment to Trump, they built this massive network of think tanks, anti leftist media groups and just straight mouthpieces to prevent another republican president from being forced to resign. the thought that Nixon might have done something wrong and should have resigned for the betterment of the country obviously never crossed their minds and now we're back in nixon territory but with a weaker press and a much stronger right wing establishment that won't back down this time
I'm not disagreeing with the rest of your post, but just as a note, the USA isn't the oldest democracy in the world by a matter of centuries.
I can't believe we're gonna see a Supreme Court case about whether collusion breaks the oath of office.
You could say he's "Been-a-Dick Donald"
There's also those Greek dudes
https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1020008975922810883 This tweet is a work of art because it implicates him on so many levels while completely misses the point of what Hillary was saying.
he's still bringing up hillary jesus fucking christ let it go
The US isn't the oldest democracy, but the US Constitution is the oldest written constitution still in use.
Rick Wiles is turning out to be true all along! We've been homo'd, and we've been jew'd! The homosexual jew coup is happening! Soon they're going to drag him out by his feet and decapitate him! Only a matter of time! also https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/716/df0802b8-9cab-4b48-8cea-b769c5a52398/image.png It's so fucking juicy that that's being used, this sign.
https://twitter.com/TheRealHublife/status/1020009206634622976 https://twitter.com/TheRealHublife/status/1020009489963995136 Al-fucking-righty then
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