• UK will not block US from seeking death penalty against British IS 'Beatles'
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Thats not what immutable means i think, there is no 'yea, but this time lets just let it go' The death penalty is dumb, and even dumber with stuff like this where the perpetrators think their mission ends the moment they die. Killing them helps recruit others like them that want to die a similar death. These guys signed up for death, they did not sign up for rotting in jail to the ripe old age of 110.
Whether or not you think they should be executed, this is still quite a significant breach of UK policy by a brand new foreign secretary. Hopefully it won't set a bad precedent both domestically and with the Trump administration.
But this is one of those absolute statements. Not supporting the death penalty means not supporting the death penalty, ever. The "non-absolute" "not supporting the death penalty" is supporting the death penalty but under very specific circumstances. If you're okay with the death penalty in very minor circumstances, then it's supporting with exceptions and clauses, not "not supporting" with exceptions and clauses.
What you're describing is kind of like the "outlaw" system, where in ancient Rome, someone could commit a crime so heinous that the law stops applying to them, and anybody can kill them if they want, no repercussions since the law doesn't protect them anymore
You're either okay with it's use (whether it's sometimes it all the time) or you aren't
Saying "I'm not normally okay with the death penalty but these guys are really bad" is really just saying "I absolutely agree with the death penalty, but my subjective measure for when it's appropriate is different from what I think the mainstream's is."
Fine, fair enough.
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