• Threads don't have to be limited to news articles
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This is a political debate forum, so don't feel you always have to post news articles. Of course the majority of threads will probably have news articles, but don't feel that you have to have one. As always I would expect people to back their assertions up with sources where applicable.
If we have a political YouTube video from a reputable source from somebody like the NYT discussing politics, is it more appropriate here or in the video section? Obviously it's better to have a news article too, if possible, but just thought I'd ask.
Trump Names Facepunch His "Favorite" Website Source: me
I think it would be best to put it in this section, rather than have political videos in the general video section Feel free to rate agree / disagree
Yeah good luck with that
I like the idea of having political videos posted here instead of the videos section, to kind of detox the whole section
I don't know how I feel about opinion articles being allowed but I definitely like the idea of political videos in Polidicks. You shouldn't have to wade through Trump shit or Jordan Peterson shit or whatever garbage Tudd is going to post to get to funny or interesting content.
Let the fun begin.
@OvB suggested that we could have opinion pieces be a subforum, to allow people to censor shit out Which makes me think we could also apply further subforums to allow people to filter for shit. Trump, Brexit, Guns, Right Wing Nazis, etc
I feel like you could easily approach subforum overload here, especially because there's overlap on all 4 of those it's going to be confusing as to what goes where
I would prefer an Opinion subforum because I personally don't want to see them. In the meantime, can we make it required that opinion pieces are tagged as such in the thread title?
Political shit Liberal shit Conservative shit Do a mental gymnastics trick tudd, it's interesting
The key would be finding subforums for useful things with no overlap. Opinion would be pretty solid. Having too many would probably be bad. There's a sweetspot we can find that's helpful while not being overloaded. We can figure that out.
Having the option to filter out political opinions you don't like seems like a great way to get an echo chamber of echo chambers
That many would be overkill, but maybe it could be filtered by US, UK, etc? People a while back proposed Polidicks exclusive thread icons of different flags, but the current subforum system allows for a neat alternative.
perhaps consider them tags as opposed to subforums
So, if this forum is perhaps not going to be exclusively news: Can we post requests for an explanation or a sort of "sales pitch" on certain viewpoints, in regards to political videos or opinion articles being posted here? Or perhaps letting people write out their own thread outlining a certain belief, be it American Conservatism, Liberalism, Social Democracy, Communism, Anarcho-whateverism etc. and maybe good places to get informed on the ideology behind X beliefs? This is sort of something I've always wanted to do on both points but have never had a place where it would fit since we didn't have a "political discussion" forum, really.
That hasn't stopped anyone yet.
We aren't nearly as echo chamber as we could be
If FP is an echo chamber I'd really like to know what internet community isn't. What exactly is the model here? Something Awful? To lefty. /pol/? Equal mix of LARPing Nazi's and genuine alt-right. Reddit? None of the larger subs that deal with political news or discussion are any less of an echo chamber than FP is. I'd say the biggest ones, politics and t_d, are worse.
This is the kinda change I like to see
Personally I feel that opinion articles are fine so long as they're clearly labelled as such and aren't conspiracy theory tier trash/extremist propaganda.
I'm open to suggestions But I think US / UK / Europe / Opinion would be a good start Rate this post to express your sentiments please
I"d gladly post some russian translated opinion pieces, you might not like them, but since there always will be alternatives, why not?
Someone should do a graph on the Politiscales thread results. lol
Could always do how most news sites break it up by region: US / Americas / Europe / Africa / Middle East / Asia Though given the amount of news is usually US, Europe, or Middle East, it may be easier to just make it Americas / Europe / Asia-Africa. I would rather opinion pieces just be tagged with [OPINION] in the headline rather than get their own section. If people don't want to read them, they don't have to click on them. Maybe make a specific opinion icon for those threads as well.
It's not necessarily to "section off" threads, just allows users to be flexible in what they wish to display
good change, i was hoping something like this would come about
Would Europe be any country in Europe, or EU-specific?
So now certain Opinion pieces are ok now? I guess cool, then. And I'm little happy of finally putting Political videos that favors my leanings here.
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