• 99 Days to Go, and the Midterm Elections Battleground Is Not What Was Expected
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https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/30/upshot/99-days-till-midterm-elections-battleground.html It’s not dominated by well-educated, suburban districts that voted for Hillary Clinton. Instead, the battleground is broad, and it includes a long list of working-class and rural districts that voted for Donald J. Trump in 2016.
The midterm sure will be an exciting time to watch. It'll likely decide the very future of where America will be heading in the next few decades, and by extension, the world.
It's unfortunate that the voting lines are so gerrymandered and corrupt that Republicans get an edge even if they're a minority in the country as a whole, and even if an equal number of reps and dems turn out to vote, a republican's vote still counts for more.
Exciting is only a word that I'd use if I were fortunate enough to watch from the sidelines. This isn't exciting. It's real, and it's fucking frightening.
election night. and the russian polls are open. and the russian polls are closed. The gop has won an astounding 128.9% of the vote. certainly nothing fishy.
If anything world should move on its own, whatever resuts will be.
the world should cut out america like a tumor
Probably that the rest of the world should effectively isolate the US from everyone else and cut them off. Except this can't really happen, since the US economy is so intertwined with every other economy on the planet, and the US has hundreds of military bases around the world, which for some countries actually bring in a substantial amount of money, especially local areas. And it's not a question about just becoming less dependent on the US. I'm talking climate change as well. The rest of the world could put all their money and energy into developing sustainable energy, but if the US continues to pump out coal, refuses to combat pollution, and otherwise damages the global environment, it wouldn't matter much the long run, because the US is capable of doing that much damage (intentional or not) all on their own.
Can't believe the midterms are nearly here. I can't wait.
Are you planning another toxx? Don’t leave us again
Only toxx people should do at this point is, "if the GOP wins the majority of seats, I will crawl into a bottle until 2020"
Are toxxes even enforced anymore? I'm expecting Dems to take the House but not the Senate. Best way to look at the Senate elections is that they are more about putting Dems in the best possible position to take it in 2020, imo.
you guys have severe internal policy problems and are completely unreliable for the foreseeable future, even if shithead supreme is no longer the president, the underlying reasons for his election are not gone. even if you guys elect literal jesus for 2020, its a matter of time before another republican gets elected and becomes trump II, possibly to a worse degree
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