• U.S. hints China could face sanctions over Iranian oil imports
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Will USA someday accidentally sanction itself? Cause at this rate they might.
If the Orange twat could, he'd probably do it.
I feel like I hear the word sanction so often it’s lost all meaning now
No I assure you, sanction still mean sanction. Just because it's used a lot doesn't mean it's lost its meaning lol. It's not like "fake news" meaning "anyone who disagrees with me" though there might be an overlap with who gets called fake news and who gets sanctions heh.
Mondays CNBC: "Dow tumbles as turkey meltdown drives market." Tuesday news:"Markets jump on positive turkey news" Wednesday news:"Markets crash on US trade war fears with china." Yesterday on CNBC: "Dow jumps as trade war fears lighten, us to meet with china." I feel like half of trump's business wing would be running for the hills if they actually could see anything longer than today's market.
Sanction China, then what?
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