• Under rare domestic pressure, Putin pledges to ease hike in retirement age
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https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/under-rare-pressure-at-home-putin-promises-to-soften-pension-overhaul/2018/08/29/997c2d2a-ab75-11e8-8a0c-70b618c98d3c_story.html?utm_term=.206d3ecb882f Putin’s approval ratings dropped to 67 percent in July from 79 percent in May, according to the independent Levada Center. Almost 90 percent of Russians opposed the pension overhaul, the pollster found. Opposition politicians seized on the plan to galvanize their supporters.
Oh wow, russians having a backbone against their dictator. Wild.
I thought his approval rating was 105%
You are fed alot of press about him executing journalists and all this, which I wouldn't dispute, but the majority of the Russian people love Putin. He pulled them out of deep economic crisis and speaks to them quite earnestly about many topics. I'm not saying he's not a bad guy, but he's a good leader.
Good leaders don't execute the press. He's savvy. He knows how to keep the people satisfied and complacent, with misdirected anger. He's a populist in all the worst ways. He's not a good leader, he's a good dictator.
Ok I'll change my term. He's a good ruler.
Everybody with a head on his shoulders foresaw this fucking thing happening. They intentionally announced the absolutely outrageous increase in retirement age just so good ol uncle Pu could come out a month later and say "relax folks, it's not gonna be that bad :^)". And bam, now everyone loves our Great and Caring Leader again, and nobody worries that his friends are grabbing more and more money every day.
Yeah cause people that have basically never ever seen true freedom and democracy don't fucking know any better. People loved the Tsars, Lenin and Stalin too, you know. aren't going to
Russia is a lot like China in the sense that they're both horrible dictatorships but the people generally are very supportive of them
I fully agree, the things in Russia such as the attacks on gays that are essentially Government led is horrible. People are passive in almost every aspect everywhere. I mean with the things that are happening in the US right now with the Mexican detainment camps and serarating families and drugging kids to stop them from harming and killing themselves is a symptom of the same. Blame Trump all you want in this but it's a symptom of the Government and the people are sitting idly by as it happens, leaving the work to journalists to try to change things through party lines. People are dying all the same. People still love the US government, many people on FP are very patriotic to the nation as a whole despite the many constant atrocities it has and continues to do. It's no different in Russia, I'm just trying to hold a mirror up as this is a very pro west forum and with the current escalations we need to be realistic about what the differences between our countries are, and they are small.
I think people here are generally very aware of the situation in the US, and it's comparable in many ways that's true, but be very careful when glorifying Putin as a "strong leader" because he's strong in the worst sense of the word.
But he is a strong in A sense of the word, which is exactly why I stated he's a cunt multiple times throughout, if people can't see that then they are perhaps sticking their heads in the sand on this one in favor of a rage boner about a foreign leader in a thread about pensions.
Your original post read a lot like something an apologist for Putin would type. Yes he's strong, nobody here is saying he isn't, only that it's not a positive trait. The point of democracy is to have the power spread out and shared among the people, it doesn't allow for "strong" leaders like Putin, that's a good thing, we don't need nor want politicians like him. He's not better than any of them, he's the worst kind of politician.
Please, it was probably meant to ease up so dumb fucks would go "thanks for caring!!! best president!!"
Like, people here have just as much of a rage boner for Trump as for Putin, if not more, so I'm not sure what your point is.
Depends on the reader of my post then. Being a strong leader was absolutely needed after the fall of the soviet union, the country was selling itself off in large chunks through internal corruption to the highest bidders. If this was all done entirely democratically then the situation would be much more dire than it is today as a result of infighting. Putin should have stepped down during the last election in favor of a more democratic system.
Well yeah I'm not denying that Russia was in a really bad state, having a Putin type of leader cease control was arguably inevitable sooner or later.
Not the republican party though, quite a few republicans on here, you do not elect a King, you elect a party with a speaker.
And those Trump supporters also seem to get more okay with the idea of Putin every day
My entire response was to Zakks post, not the OP. A thread about pensions went straight to "EVIL DICTATOR" in the first post and I think that in itself is pretty evident that people have a loaded gun pointed at the man at any given point without any understanding of why a man like him was necessary for the country and that there's a reason people like him despite him being a cunt.
Ah yeah fair point, I wasn't really considering that your original post was a response. Sorry about that, I certainly am not a fan of Putin and that definitely played a part in how I reacted in this thread.
He is literally an evil dictator though, that's not hyperbole
This was the plan along, so no surprises here. It's been assumed for a while that the hike was extra-high to make him seem like the good czar when he "agrees to lower it down"
I might be gay as hell, but I gotta admit that even I am impressed with THAT much dick sucking.
To be an evil dictator one must trully consolidate entire power to himself - something that Mr. "i am on a leash for around 120 people who decide what i get ot speak" is sure is not capable. I said it a million times, i'll say it a million more - stop falling for the same trick again again and apply james bond villainy to person who exist to give ya reason to not talk about people standing behind him. Putin was and always will be a brand for your attention but nothing else.
this is the social contract they have in exchange for an authoritarian regime they have a system of pensions that provides for them, its actually not all that suprising when you threaten to take away a lot of people's retirement in a country where workers are ground to dust that they'd be pissed.
A lot of Russians seem to have this habit of supporting Putin and saying that he's the best leader in the world and Russia is the best leader in the world but when you tell them to move back to Russia if they truly believe that they shut their mouths.
If you move from one country and move to another, then talk shit about the country you moved to while saying that the country you came from is the best place on earth, why the fuck are you staying if nothing keeps you here and you think your home country is so good?
'this country is full of gays' hows that for a start?
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