• Blasts kills top Ukraine rebel leader
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Well, given what Russia is doing in the world right now that's hardly an inaccurate observation to pretty much anyone who isn't friends with Russia or Russia themselves. Russia has done very little to show the world they're anyone's friend. From annexing territory of a sovereign nation, to meddling in foreign elections(and their own), to cheating at every sport known to mankind, what has Russia done that makes them friends to the world?
i am not arguing our goverment's metal image, one with enought memory canactualoly notice that i have no quarell calling out goverment on all kinds of crazy stuff. My point is that you can not oeverlook one evil in favor of other. I will always argue about Russia's image because novadays it is mostly THE one that people prefer to resort to, but it does not mean i lack quality to see how imcredbily shitty my goverment and how sad and pathetic our "opposition"'. Ukraine's rampant corruption, flow of nationalism and general victimisation can not be blindly allowed just because they are at odd with Russia. Think of it this way - while Russia if far out of reach of international community, due to lots of reasons, Ukraine being very dependant on international support is the one where opening eyes on atrocity of goverment and bandits can actually change something. Yet most people would pass on it, since it's not a "newsmaker".
Haha, what "challenge idea of "black and white" mentality ?! How can you not be personally attacked when you spew such shit - You supporting a terrorist, posting sources that are the arm of the Russian government ? Yeah, you are the challenger of ideas. Remember how you blamed UKRAINE for the murder of a Russian journalist that turned out to be a bait and switch which turned out to be a sting on Russian SF hiring killers in Ukraine ? "Maybe it has less to do with him criticizing Putin from abroad and more with a fact that there is nobody capable of protecting freedom of speech in Ukraine." Russian journalist and Putin critic, Arkady Babchenko, shot and .. And then you tried to play it off like nothing happened. You've brushed off Putins assassinations of journalists, political opponents yet you try to shine the spotlight on everyone else ? And holy shit the amount of conspiracy you spew about Ukraine and the MH flight. You might as well be just speaking directly from the Kremlin. But I get it, you got sucked into the Russian pride and passion vortex. The place where George ribbons and VDV hats fly high. Sputnik and RT are the only channels on TV. Talking to you is pretty useless because you ignore facts and turn your head to the white, blue and red and just chant "We didn't do nothing wrong."
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