• National Debt? Just print more money! -Trump
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It's ironic. If he had the means to print money before when he was a businessman, he might not have gone bankrupt at all
This sounds like one of those stupid troll logic comics I read back in 2010 Infinite money! Problem economist?
"Just take all the dollar bills and draw a few zeros next to the one." [expanded mind]
Man, I need to get this book.
On that note, If the US cut back the majority of it's funding to defense and or NATO for a small period exactly how much of their debt could be payed off?
Not enough. The US military budget appropriation was some $700 billion. In 2019 the interest on the national debt is projected to exceed $1 billion, especially after the big tax cut while the government is also spending MORE than before on some things, requiring additional borrowing. Completely decommission the US military into non-existence and you still don't have an effective solution to the US debt. Remember how Republicans are the party of fiscal responsibility?
Out of curiosity, what would happen to all those currencies that are backed by the US dollar if the USD suddenly plumetted in value?
What a fucking moron. When I was in the military I was professionally embarrassed to be associated with this fucking schmuck, and he just get's worse day by day.
It's a decent strategy for microeconomics but these aren't microeconomics, they're macroeconomics, beholden to a completely different set of rules that (no big surprise) completely mystify the national embarrassment.
hell yeah donald is epic where were you when the US debt was trumped
Hyperinflating your currency so it loses all value and causes a global economic recession to own the libs
Zimbabwean is what happens if you print more money and they are still recovering. Hyperinflating isn't good.
that's magainflating to you, son!
Ohohoh I can't fucking wait till this bubble bursts
8 years of crying about obummer's out of control national debt Today? Just print more moni lole
https://twitter.com/chrislhayes/status/1039657340612567040?s=19 The sad thing is that this will happen 100%
I miss the gold standard
No you don't
Well, yeah, I suppose I wasn't around for it
https://cdn.cnn.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/160504154606-one-trillion-dollar-exlarge-169.jpg I can't wait for toilet paper rolls made of $1 bills to be worth less than an actual roll of toilet paper
The £ could do with a boost against the $
Wait is that the Rockband font
What, you mean the massive deadweight the US took off its economy? Why?
https://files.facepunch.com/forum/upload/223296/ea534120-ea24-48e8-b168-16f01c553cf4/image.png alright great idea.
You're replying to someone who's still confused that people don't like Trump.
I bet I know his plan: Cause a massive inflation, hoard trillions of money, wait for said inflation to go down, now you have way more money!!!
I'm glad to hear that the President has the same attitude toward the economy as Dennis Reynolds and Mac McDonald in "The Great Recession" episode of Always Sunny.
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