• Russia Is No. 1 Suspect in Mystery Brain Attacks in Cuba and China: Report
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https://www.thedailybeast.com/report-russia-was-behind-sonic-attacks-in-cuba-and-china Amazing how they are able to attack with microwaves without anyone noticing
Regarding Cuba, I figured it was some 3rd party (Russia particularly) operation from the start. What does Cuba have to gain from souring relations with the US?
I wonder if, according to future history books looking back to now, we're already in another cold war To be honest Ill be real interested to read my kid's high school history books in 20 years, theyre gonna think Im so fucking boring
I suspected it was. I mean, it really does look like Putin's hoping to start a war with the US if he's moving from cyber warfare to actual attacks.
When are we going to find out the Russians have actually gotten to the point of plasma weapons and have completely overprepared for WW3?
What the hell would be the use for plasma weapons?
Whilst Russia has generally created some extremely great aircraft and tanks, they've tended to be behind the US on technological innovation such as railguns, so I doubt they're going to be the pioneers of plasma weapons.
They bring energy shields down faster
The Cold War never ended. The West just declared victory and went about like it was over, and a certain ex-KGB man was careful to let them.
ok #1 No they're broke and insanely corrupt which means money will almost never go to research and #2 They've been playing catch up and updating their equipment which leaves little room for lofty ideas such as plasma/laser guns. sonic weaponry seems far to elaborate for the Russians too. Usually they have no problem just putting a bullet in somebody. I'm not ruling them out as they had the means and the motive but this isn't their style. Now the U.S.A on the other hand is fully prepped for a WW3 with its mountain bases and extravagant Naval/Air force. @Dr.C I know your joking but yes actually they would. The only thing we have that acts as if an energy shield are superfluids that act as if they had negative mass which require extremely cold temperatures somewhere around a couple millikelvins, Firing bullets at it just makes it resist that much more but a thermal weapon like a plasma gun or better yet a sustained laser would melt it away.
In 1993 the US Government tested the effects of plasma weaponry and found that a plasma impact caused extreme heat damage and created a brief electromagnetic field. This combination would be greatly effective against armored vehicles, a hit could cause severe damage to armor and also scramble or disable communications and onboard electronics (of which there are many nowadays).
That sounds like a bunch of baloney, do you have a source for that?
Ah yeah, Russians again.
Dude it was a joke. Plasma guns and shit are your stereotypical "super advanced weaponry" right up there with railguns and whatnot and fit right in with something people like Putin would love for his in-everything-but-name soviet/cold-war-style global fuckery, not that they have the hardware to do so. Again, it's a joke. I'm well aware the ruskies are lightyears behind in the high end tech field. See second half of first response. # 1: In other news, water is wet. #2: Again, it's a joke. I'm not seriously trying to suggest that Russia has magic future guns, just that for a country who's leader seems to think it's the 1980's still at the height of Soviet power or at least is attempting to make it that way, this is the kinda memeshit they'd try to pull.
this is all we have, really. no-one - outside the US Govt, that is - has really heard about it since and information surrounding it scarce. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MARAUDER
You gotta work on your material some more, man.
Oh damn, are we behind this too? I bet that pile of dogshit you slipped on yesterday was work of illusive Russians too.
Regardless of whether or not this was Russia, the Russian government is constantly doing heinous shit. No about of brainwashed delusion is going to change that.
"Oh damn, are those unmarked troops seizing critical infrastructure and holding sham elections Russians too?" I'm not against Russian citizens, but your government over the last couple of years has outright been taking foreign territory and assassinating foreign nationals. And don't start to turn this into a whataboutism with US involvement overseas- there's definitely legitimate criticisms about that. At least with the US there's the ability to change course with elections, and we're free to criticize it. The same can't be said about Russia and those it considers in its sphere of influence.
Sorry your government is so shit, maybe it has to do with your people being essentially completely complacent with your dictator.
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gee I wonder how many flagrant acts of war Russia can get away with, really impressive stuff!
They are a nuclear power so the worst they'll ever get is sanctions. It will be a very dark day when two nuclear armed nations go into actual war.
all of them.
Definitely. Cold War II started back in 2013 with Crimea, and it's only ramped up from there. In the intervening years between both Cold Wars, we ignored Russia's growing oligarch problem because it's "not us", and now look at what happened.
I don't know, I think we had least a good 15 years inbetween. Just because Putin was alive doesnt mean the cold war was. That's kind of more in line with what Id expect
Please, be more flippant about this
Throughout the 90s, I'd keep hearing stories on the news about extreme-right-wing domestic terrorist bombings in European nations, like Switzerland, and it always struck me as being somewhat off, that something didn't feel right. While it's entirely possible for those cases to be attributed to the nearly-infinite number of alternate causes, like domestic politics/terror groups and neo-nazis being a problem throughout the postwar era, I'm not going to be surprised if it eventually comes out that at least some of those were Russian agitation operations intended to destabilize its nearest rival power bloc.
fun stuff "Microwave weapons" now suspected in US embassy ailments in Cuba..
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